Family of 5

Today I found myself looking at old photos as Jaz wanted/needed one for school, of her when she was little. It got me thinking back on how simply life was at this stage….. before the eyes of my heart were opened to the Spiritual realm and how ‘messy’ it can make your life… But….. and it’s a very big but.. I also look back on these times and how much ‘spare’ praying, reading time I had… during feeds, while children slept etc etc etc when I could have been conversing with God and didn’t. It’s not that I purposely chose NOT to use these times to talk to Him.. it’s more that I had absolutely NO idea of the benefits of doing so.
So…. even though sometimes I think that it was easier with my eyes shut…. I am very quickly reminded of the close personal relationship I now have with my Heavenly Father… and just LOVE it !!!
I hope you have all had a great day !!! xx