Hiya Peeps…  

Well, this is the morning after my decision to de-activate my FB account.  After sleeping on it, I have reactivated it but have removed the app from my phone, iPad etc, plus removed the quick link from Safari.  At this stage, I don’t trust my level of self control to not access it as much as I had been, so that is why I de-activated.  My main reason for reactivating this morning is for precious baby Sienna who was born premi at 25wks, who I have been praying for since she was born 80days ago.  There is an update given on her each evening, which gives me specific prayer points for her for that day etc etc.  

Anyways….  the Holy Spirit had been convicting me in all sorts of areas, to do with my time on FB….  To put it bluntly, it had become an idol for me….  as the definition of an idol is anything that comes between you and God.  I saw this great quote a couple of weeks ago that said…  “Get OFF Facebook, and get into THE Book.”.  So so true.  If I spent the time I spend on FB studying the word, or in prayer with The Lord, my relationship with Him would be so much better than it even is now.  I am constantly blown away each day by how The Lord works in my life, so I’ve decided to jump into that with both feet (& without holding my nose… LOL) and see what happens.  

I have some real struggles at home to contend with also, so I need to be as close as possible to my Heavenly Father to be able to work through those each day.  I’m unprotected at home and the shield sure gets heavy at times, so I need ALL my strength to hold it !!

Another post I saw on FB last week was about a Mother at the park with her children but sitting on her iPhone, ignoring her children… only giving them the odd comment when they beg for her to watch them accomplish some death defying feat they have perfected on the monkey bars.  That is so me… and I don’t want my children to feel un-appreciated, un-noticed, 2nd choice for my attention etc etc etc.  I can’t complain that The Holy Spirit has been convicting me in these areas, seeing as I have been asking Him to reparent me in my prayer time each evening.  I want to be the Mum that He wants me to be.. whatever that looks like.  

I’m going to try and find a job.. possibly cleaning houses or making meals for people as the finances are not great.  I feel very strongly about my children going to GCC, but man, it breaks the bank for me.. and contrary to what everyone believes, I don’t have access to Terry’s money.  We have everything separate and I survive solely on my Disability support pension… which to say the least… when you’re paying for school fees out of it…  isn’t much at all.  I’m not having a winge here….  just pointing out the facts about my life.  Please don’t be down on Terry when reading this, as he is not in a place in his spiritual growth to know any better.  Hopefully things will change in that area, but not particularly for the money side of things, but for his heart attitude.  I could care less about money to be perfectly honest… it’s just such a pity that it makes the world go around.  lol.  I’m going to letterbox drop in the cars estate as I would need it to be in waling distance.  If you could please pray that I get some responses, I’d really appreciate it.  

I do feel isolated now that I’m not going to be seeing everyone on FB, as is is my form of communication being that I can’t drive/drop around to people’s places, but I have no doubt that The Lord will do what needs to be done in that area.  

My little compromise is Instagram… so basically you’ll only see stuff about my life if it is picture worthy.. LOL.  

Love you guys all soooo much, and I love that I do life with you !!  


Fi  xox