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May 2013

Too much in my head.. so I don’t often blog it :0(

This is going to be an absolutely ridiculous post as it is an explanation of why I haven’t posted very often.  LOL

My head simply feel so full all the time…. and I’m not saying that in an arrogant way…  I just feel like I have taken so much information in….  downloads from The Lord, information learnt in studies, things taken in through discussions with friends….  I often feel like my head is exploding….  as if I’m not processing the info nearly as fast as it’s coming in.  

I don’t let it worry me though, as I’ve found over these past two years or so, that even when it appears I haven’t processed something…  when it’s needed, it comes to hand.  Also, often I will feel ill-equipped to handle the possibility of a particular situation…  but when that situation arises… The Lord gets me through EVERY time…  I find that I have the ability to get through it.. and not just get through it… but learn from it .. and experience growth having gone through it.  

Okies….  I hope to blog more often…  I suspect it’s also a learning course for me…  to find the ability to articulate my thoughts.  :0)

A great Frances Chan Sermon !!

This is a fantastic sermon Terry & I have listened to tonight !! 

Have a watch !


Lv Fi xox

Grandpa & I

Tonight, I’m thinking of my dear Grandpa, Doug Shanks… (James is named after him… James Douglas).
I miss him so much, but take an abundance of comfort in knowing I will see him again in Glory.
I sometimes am in awe of the amazing heritage God has blessed me with. I had 4 wonderful grandparents, all of whom loved The Lord and displayed it in their lives.
It’s also amazing just thinking on what that generation would have experienced .. Living through wars et. They would have seen things that most of us can’t even imagine, and yet, in my grandparents case at least, they ended their lives happy, with loving families around them, and fascinating stories to tell.
I can’t wait to speak to them again.. Whenever our Heavenly Father decides that time will be.
Blessings Peeps !! xx

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