This is going to be an absolutely ridiculous post as it is an explanation of why I haven’t posted very often.  LOL

My head simply feel so full all the time…. and I’m not saying that in an arrogant way…  I just feel like I have taken so much information in….  downloads from The Lord, information learnt in studies, things taken in through discussions with friends….  I often feel like my head is exploding….  as if I’m not processing the info nearly as fast as it’s coming in.  

I don’t let it worry me though, as I’ve found over these past two years or so, that even when it appears I haven’t processed something…  when it’s needed, it comes to hand.  Also, often I will feel ill-equipped to handle the possibility of a particular situation…  but when that situation arises… The Lord gets me through EVERY time…  I find that I have the ability to get through it.. and not just get through it… but learn from it .. and experience growth having gone through it.  

Okies….  I hope to blog more often…  I suspect it’s also a learning course for me…  to find the ability to articulate my thoughts.  :0)