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January 2014

Everyone’s a bit off today… but things are improving !!

So, I've had to come up with a consequence for when the kids point out how far ahead they are in their day's work compared to their siblings.  They all want to finish their work as quickly as possible, but... Continue Reading →

A blog I totally could have written myself word for word !!

I found this blog entry ... And seriously I could have written this word for word !!!! It screams my exact feelings and decisions !! The blog entry is written by Candace Cameron Bure......... I hope you enjoy reading it. ******************I... Continue Reading →

School of Kingsley Day 2 !!

So here we sit yet again.  Not quite so early a start this morning.  8.30am instead of yesterdays 7am.  As well as wanting to try a different start time, it was also raining this morning which made it very easy... Continue Reading →

Kids daily devotions !! I found this fantastic resource and plan to do the daily devotion with the kids each morning prior to starting work.  We've only done two days so far, but it's been really good.  It is interesting... Continue Reading →

Today is our first day of schooling at home !! I am reading back over my prayer journal on 28th September last year when I wrote "God sure is working in mysterious ways of late. Funny that you often don't... Continue Reading →

The end of a broken friendship

Weird title.... I mean if I friendship is broken...  it's already ended right?  I guess it's one of those interesting play on words.  However, this is what brings me to be up blogging at 2am on this Sunday night/Monday morning.... Continue Reading →

God’s revelations !!

The last week or so has been filled with time with God where he has revealed many things to me... all, I believe, to help me jump the last tiny hurdle at the end of a difficult journey. I am... Continue Reading →

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