The last week or so has been filled with time with God where he has revealed many things to me… all, I believe, to help me jump the last tiny hurdle at the end of a difficult journey.
I am still amazed how He works at times. Many of the things revealed to me are things that I have not even thought about, let alone pondered on in the last 18months or so, but nevertheless, they are things that now make so much sense, put missing pieces in puzzles … and confirm God’s leading in my life over the last 2yrs.
This journey I speak (type) of has not been an easy one, but it was a necessary one. I have never experienced such spiritual growth & maturity in my life that I have in these past two years. A lot of times, things have not made sense at all…. I’ve seriously asked God at times “Are you sure about this?”…. and, funny that…. every time… His answer was a clear and resounding “YES”. (& I’m sure he also followed it up with “I really wish you were sure too.” :0)
Receiving these revelations of late feels like the final scrapbook page in an album. An album that has a lot of pain in it, but also a lot of forward momentum along my path with my Lord !

And for that reason, I in no way resent, or even think badly of any pages in that scrapbook! I will even look back over it at times, to remind me of God’s awesome timing, His amazing plans for me, His unwavering hand over my life… and His mind blowing Love for me !!!