Birthing something new !!

Today is our first day of schooling at home !! I am reading back over my prayer journal on 28th September last year when I wrote “God sure is working in mysterious ways of late. Funny that you often don’t see the change ahead creeping up, but once He knows you’re ready, able & willing… it’s BAM !”
& here we are today…. 4 months later to the day, sitting in our little schoolroom. For those that don’t know, we had to create this room. We had a wall put up to separate what was our formal lounge and dining.. so now we have a home theatre and a schoolroom. A carpenter neighbour did the framework for us and then I plasterer did the sheeting and finishing etc. Terry did the paining and he did a fantastic job !!
Anyway… moving on… Last night it was revealed to me the answer to a question that came up in a dream some months ago. I tried to read back through my journal and find the exact date and entry, but couldn’t. Nevertheless, I had a dream where I was in labour. It was one of those dreams where everything feels soooo realistic. I remember actually BEING IN PAIN during this dream… it felt EXACTLY.. and yes, to the severity of real labour pains, that I distinctly remember from the last time I experienced it, nearly 9yrs ago with james.
Of course, I asked God the following morning “Does this mean I’m going to have another baby?”. I don’t recall receiving any answer to this questions at that time, but I did go on to discuss my dream with a few close friends & family over the following days and I got a resounding response that No, I wasn’t going to have another baby, but God was going to be birthing something new within me. Of course, I wanted to know what this was going to be, but I did not receive an answer at that time.
I must admit, I ended up forgetting about that dream all-together until last night when it was revealed to me that t’row (now today) was the ‘arrival’ of the ‘new birth’. & Yes, looking back, there were labour pains, some bearable, some not so much, along the way. And, as in labour (well, my experiences anyway), there was rest and comfort from The Lord between each ‘pain’.
So, today we are here… enjoying our new arrival… while listening to Mozart I might add.
Blessings to you all !! xox