So here we sit yet again.  Not quite so early a start this morning.  8.30am instead of yesterdays 7am.  As well as wanting to try a different start time, it was also raining this morning which made it very easy to stay in bed until 7.30am.  We finished by 11.30am yesturday, so this start time still leaves us plenty of time in the day.

I’ve found a YouTube clip of 6hrs of classical music, so today we are enjoying that… well, to be honest, Jordan isn’t enjoying it so much, but I do know that it is very conducive to learning.  

I have had a minor struggle with James & Roman Numerals this morning.  Sometimes I find it frustrating explaining a thing that is so understood by me for so many years….  I often find myself thinking “Seriously…  why don’t you get this?”.  I forget that I most likely struggled with the concept just like he does.  I mean, I suppose it is confusing… Finding the main numeral of the symbol sequence and then ascertaining what certain symbols represent before and after that main numeral.  I had to source a info sheet to remind myself what the symbols were for 50, 100, 500 etc.  Terry & I lay in bed last night trying to remember them and neither of us could.  whoops !!  

Jordan has struggled a little with his maths this morning.. not so much with the work itself, but the amount of it for today.  I have suggested he put it aside and do some spelling for a while and then go back to it.  

Tyler-Jasmine is just floating through today, which is great.  I’m hoping to hear back from the fracture clinic today with an appt for t’row.  I’ll be super pleased (& so will she), if they X-ray her foot t’row and say all is good.. no more crutches.  :0)

I’m loving the bible content throughout the curriculum.  I have only dived into Bible study in a big & committed way in the last few years, and now LOVE  & CRAVE it each day, but for them to be learning this habit at this age is super fantastic !! It will be natural for them to seek biblical advice on all situations.  This is my prayer anyway. :0)

Okies Peeps…. Signing off for now !! 


Fi  xox