So, I’ve had to come up with a consequence for when the kids point out how far ahead they are in their day’s work compared to their siblings.  They all want to finish their work as quickly as possible, but quite often that leads to mistakes in work… resulting to taking even longer to finish when they have to re-do work.   The consequence is that they spend 15mins sitting on the couch.. which of course they don’t like as it extends their finish time for the day.

Thank the Lord for Google as it has come in very handy to remind me of things I haven’t done since Primary school.  Like common nouns vs. proper nouns, Roman numerals, prefixes and suffixes, etc etc etc.

We are all loving our morning devotions as they seem to stay focused on a particular bible story for a period of time.  It’s Isaac, Esau and Jacob at the mo.  Of course, I have loved Bible study for some time, but the kids really only know their daily devotions which are normally based around a different issue each evening.  To continue to delve into the same story over a period of time is always fascinating.  I’m sure they’re going to continue to love it.  I also love that we start each school day in Prayer together.  :0)

Terry is home on his RDO today so is experiencing his first day with us as a Homeschooling family.  I think he likes !!  :0)

We’re off to pick up a new car this arv, getting a train over to Michelton to pick it up, followed by dinner at the RSL for Terry’s Dad’s b’day.  :0)

Happy Friday everyone !!

Blessings !