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February 2014

HS Day 23 – Schoolwork, Birthdays, Chinese food.. and a broken neck !

Well, here we are amidst day 24 actually … But I basically haven’t been asleep for any decent length of time since yesterday morning, so it’s kinda still the same day .
The kids had a great work day yest. It was Terry’s birthday, so we had his birthday dinner to look forward to.
In the afternoon, we went to the optometrist to choose frames for new reading glasses with Nanna & Poppy.
Dinner was at a great Chinese restaurant we hadn’t been to before. There were 19 of us.. A great crowd ! My Dad (poppy) was acting rather strange while out to dinner .. To fill in some blanks.. My Dad is in late stage Parkinson’s disease… Anyway.. He basically fell out of his wheelchair more than a few times while at the restaurant, and then had a fall when getting out of the car at home.
My Mum called an ambulance when Dad seemed to be increasingly confused, weak, in pain.. And generally not right.
He has been a little ‘off’ for a few days and we had wondered if he might have an infection brewing as he was displaying very similar behaviors to last time he was hospitalized with a UTI.
My niece Caitlin & I went in the ambulance with Dad. When Dad mentioned he had a sore neck, they organised an X-ray & CT scan.
At 2am, we thought he was heading to the ward, so called Terry to come collect us, but soon after that, they got the results of the CT and informed us that he has a C2 Fracture. For those of you who don’t know, C2 is a vertebrae quite high up in the neck .
They let us (& sleepy Dad) know that he would need to go onto his back and have a neck brace fitted. This was going to prove difficult as Dad is already quite angled to one side due to the Parkinson’s . They modified a collar to fit him temporarily.. And a custom one will be made today.

We were finally heading home at 4am as he was soon heading upstairs to the ward.
I’ve had about 3hrs sleep so far. Now I sit in the schoolroom feeling disgustingly sick I’m so tired.
What keeps me going …

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.
Lamentations 3:22


You can go to bed without fear; you will lie down and sleep soundly. (Proverbs 3:24 NLT)

As well as loads more fantastic scripture !!

So, here’s to some sound sleep heading my way!
Blessings peeps !!!

HS Day 22 – The day I kept saying ‘This is so cool !!”

Wednesday was the JCC swimming carnival ! Such a fantastic day… except for the sunburn of course.  The kids collected 10 ribbons between them.

The biggest standouts of the day were…

* Us parents were right there poolside…  in on the action !!  So awesome !!

IMGP0162  Funny shot ..LOL

* There was no ‘cliqueyness’ !  All 50ish kid cheered each other on, encouraged one another, and generally got along ! Praise The Lord !!

* When after a race, the kids had to go to the marshalling table to record their place and receive their ribbon, they were asked what unit they were in (area of schooling in SE QLD) and when James didn’t actually know what unit we were in, so they asked him who his teacher was (meaning our Head of Unit teacher), but James responded with ‘My Mum!’.  LOL.  Love that kid !!!

* After the swimming carnival part was over, the kids all got to go over to the ‘fun’ pool and go on the watersides…. that’s not something you get to do when at ‘normal’ school.  :0)


* Fantastic friends were made !! God is so good !! :0)

I’d love to share pics with you, but my silly Mac is playing up.

Blessings peeps !!


Homeschooling Day 21 + recap of Melbourne trip !!

Hi all and welcome to week 5 (it actually started yesturday) of the school year. I just got back last night from a whirlwind 39hr trip to Melbourne ! It was such a blast !! Image We spend the Sunday afternoon training up a new & re-starting GEMS club in Victoria. After spending a great nights sleep at my beautiful Aunty Cynthia’s, we headed off on the train into the city to do, what ended up being, a 5hr self walking tour. It was, to say the least, FANTASTIC. All the hidden alleyways and arcades, full of cute little cafes, shops, artwork, interesting people, history & culture etc. I LOVE Trams, so that is what I thought would be my fav part of the day, but it was, in fact, finding these hidden treasures I didn’t even know were there.



My Aunty, who has lived in Melbourne for decades, had not even done this tour before. As I said…. a fantastic way to spend our small amount of time in Melbourne. A funny part of the day was that, out of all the trendy, cute little cake & coffee shops… when it actually came time to wanting to sit down at one, we had to go to Muffin Break of all places because there were either no tables available, or a very long line at the really nice places. Image Image We also visited a great lolly making shop where they displayed how they make the lollies etc. Very interesting.


So, after flying home last night Soooooo tired that my eyes were falling out of my head, I had a very good nights sleep before heading into the school day today. A few tests were done today, with very pleasing results. Most notable.. Jordan’s 97% in Science !! He was very pleased with himself. One of the GEMS leaders we went down to encourage is a homeschooling Mum of 6, so it was great to talk to her and bounce some ideas around. I love having it confirmed over and over again that we are in God’s will while travelling this fun journey !! We are all excited about the swimming carnival t’row !! It’s obviously our first, so we don’t really know what to expect, but I’m sure it’ll be a great day with the other homeschooling families.


Lv Fi xox

A great re-blog from Christine Caine on Colour Conference 2014

I am so excited to be going to Colour Conference for the very first time in less than 3wks time !!  I’m going with my most favourite sister Karen !!!! 


My heart is pounding and my spirit is so expectant as our annual Colour Conference in Sydney is almost here. From our first ever Colour I knew that this was something special, unique and prophetic. Together with many others, I’ve had the honour to watch God do something in our generation of women through this Colour Sisterhood movement that we could never have imagined. And here’s the best part: I don’t think we’ve even begun.

There is such a sense of expectation and anticipation that God is doing a new thing. Not more of the same old thing, but an entirely different new thing. Only God Himself can remain exactly the same and be doing an absolutely new thing. We have never been a gathering of women that wants to preserve the old, instead we endeavour to provide a fertile environment where new dreams can be birthed, new relationships forged, new partnerships formulated, new faith discovered, new hope imparted and new direction revealed.

I’m believing that God is going to renew us all no matter where we are on our spiritual journey. Many will find a new story in His. Others will find new life as they are born again. And others new hopes, dreams, friendships, tenacity, endurance and purpose. Whether this is your first or 18th Colour, come ready to behold that God is doing a new thing. We will perceive it if we are looking for it, both within is and around us.

I know Sydney has reached capacity but I want to encourage you to find a way to get to either London or Cape Town because you will find God ready to meet you. I love both of those conferences with a passion. Each has something so special that comes with being birthed in the soil of those two continents and yet they are entirely us. I love the “Colour season” around the globe and you know what? I know Jesus does too!!!

Can’t wait to see you there! Do what you can to be in London or Cape Town, we’ve made room for you.

Together, we are writing history.

With all of my love


A great re-blog about helping our kids get through stressful times !!

The following is a guest post written by Lisa Kremer of Life is a Journey.

 During the last couple months I have learned a few things about kids and stress.  Hopefully my experiences can serve the purpose of helping others who might be going through a similar journey as a family.

1. Mama, just calm down.

There is a direct correlation between my response to stress and my kids’ responses.  The more I yell, the more they yell.  The more I run around the house like a chicken with my head cut off, the more mayhem and chaos I see in my kids as they begin to act out and terrorize the place.

The more I seemed stressed, the harder it is on them, and it seems to have a snowball effect until everyone is crying and falling apart!

2. Mama, slow down.

Understand your season.  Let go of unreasonable expectations, and realize that even though your kids may have the physical capacity to do schoolwork (time, space, etc.), they might be emotionally unable to carry on as normal.  (This certainly applies to the mom, as teacher/mentor/advocate, as well.)

If that means we only get one question done in a book before someone falls apart, then I just let it go. I am trying to focus on more “fun” learning in the meantime, to give myself and the kids a break.  (More of that in No. 4.)

3. Think outside of the (moving) box.

When one of my daughters was having an especially hard week with her schoolwork, and I had been moved to tears numerous times in attempt to get things to work (but felt like I was going to fall apart), we moved school out of the house and went on a coffee date.

It was amazing to me how a little one-on-one attention, and a cup of hot chocolate in a local coffee shop had the makings of a perfect hour and a half of school-time.  She felt special — not pressured — and I got to enjoy a good latte while we successfully completed some of the work that she had been struggling with.

4. Be creative.

Stressful times are not the right time to tackle challenging, long-term projects that require tons of prep work and concentration.  We’ve tried to make the moving process more enjoyable by adding school in less traditional ways.

In our commutes between our current city and the one we are moving to (about a 2 1/2 hour drive) we listen to books on CD and work on our Social Studies by listening to “Story of The World.”  This gives Dad a chance to get involved when we pause to discuss an interesting point in history or we talk about the meaning of a word.

When we were forced out of our house for a showings, we would take a trip to the library, science center or enjoy a family nature walk.

Stressful times can arrive in a variety of ways: the birth of a new baby/adoption of a child, moving, career changes for mom/dad, illness and/or financial struggles.

The point is, our stress as parents while we try to maintain our role as educators can and will have an affect on our children.

Kids respond in a variety of ways, depending on their personalities and age. For example, my 4 year old is continually packing his backpack after every nap — I’m not sure if he knows where home is since we’ve had to travel around so much in the past few months!

As homeschooling parents, sometimes we have to make some difficult decisions and adjust our expectations in consideration of our kids’ emotional well-being.  When it comes to priorities, my kids’ hearts trump their “need” to memorize times tables and complete a book report.

For we don’t just teach our kids facts and figures, history and geography … we also teach them emotional health — when to slow down and learn to find calm in the midst of chaos.

In the end, sometimes we just have to reassure them, hug them tight and let them know that it’s going be okay.

– See more at:

Praise The Lord… it’s Friday !!!

Hiya Peeps…

I cannot express to you in words how glad I am it’s late afternoon on a Friday !!

Here we are at the end of week 4 of our homeschooling journey !!  While I have not a doubt in my mind & heart that we are doing the very BEST thing for our 3 precious blessings, I also acknowledge it is HARD WORK !!!

Today in particular was challenging with working our school day around an optometrist appoitmen that took 3.5hrs from leaving to arriving back home….  although, as you’ve already seen…  some macccaschooling happened in those hours too.

As the 2nd lot of testing is in full swing at the moment, I am thoroughly enjoying the rewards of said hard work !!  While the children need to achieve an 80% or above in order to ‘pass’, or advance to their next Pace, we are seeing results in the high 80’s and mid 90’s most often… with some bonus 100% test results… Yes, the ones sending me broke.  LOL.

One of the best things about supervising my children’ education is time….  time to go over confusing concepts, time to speed through an easy concept, time to chillax when needed, time to jump in the pool when it’s 36 degrees in the schoolroom, time to find a YouTube clip or something similar so that my ‘visual learner’ children can get a concept not understood when explained on paper, or in speech.. plus a whole load more benefits.

God is ever present in our schoolroom too…. which is, to say the least, comforting, reassuring… and just generally, well, lovely !!  Nothing like being with your best friend all day long !!

The children, while admittedly frustratingly slowly, are learning to love being around each other.  I more and more am finding them helping one another out with things.  Don’t get me wrong, the fighting and squabbles haven’t stopped, but here’s hoping and praying for continued improvement.

At present, Jaz & I are alone in the house on this Friday afternoon/evening, which will now be the norm as Jordan has indoor cricket & James goes to Youth group.  I must say it is the perfect set up for the end of the week…  I am certainly enjoying the silence.

I am heading to Melbourne for an overnighter on Sunday.  It will be the first school day I’ve not been here for, so I’m a little nervous about it, but I’ve told the kids  (& Terry) to have a chilled work day…  no stressing about anything not achieved.. we’ll pick up the slack through the rest of the week.  I am certainly looking forward to the cooler weather in Melbourne… and getting to meet with other Godly women who have the spiritual lives of our young GEMS girls in their hearts.

We are going down to train up & encourage a new club that is starting.  Very excited to know that a new bunch of girls will be being nurtured in their walk with The Lord !!

& to close…. I received a wonderful surprise gift from my husband when he got home this afternoon…  he bought me a dress… Yes, I said a dress !!!  It is , in fact, a very random thing my Dear Husband has done, but I am very grateful.  Will remember to take a pic and post when I get around to wearing it.  It’s a dressy number, so it’ll have to wait for something worthy of wearing it.

Love & blessings to you all my bloggy friends, spread out all over this gorgeous world our super loving Heavenly Father has blessed us with !!


Maccas-Schooling – Day 19

The Homeschoolers tuckshop- McDonalds !!!

It is sooo hot at home, so we’re taking advantage of the free air con here at Maccas.
The 30c ice cream cone rewards are fantastic too.


Ding Ding Ding... the bell has run on Day 17 !!

This was yesturday… but I think the children’s delight is pretty obvious at finishing the school day and heading out to the pool !!! It was/is a VERY hot week !!

Homeschooling at the Kingsleys – Day 16

Today is once again VERY hot, but we were lucky enough to get a good amount of rain last night.  It’s great to see grass coming through our topsoil.  


After making a very early start with schoolwork this morning, we still took until 11.30ish to complete the days work.  Jordan has got himself a little muddled with Social Studies pages and is further ahead then he should be, with some missing pages where he should actually be working, so it’ll take him a couple of days to bring it back right again.  No biggie.  :0)

With the swimming carnival next Wednesday, the kids are now doing 50 laps of the pool each day.  We are all really looking forward to the swimming carnival next week, to get to meet up with, and catch up with other homeschooling families from our area.  


Things I’m learning as I travel this path …..  Some days are good, some days are bad and some just pass rather un-noticeably.  With 3 children, the good, bad and un-noticeable don’t always line up.. LOL.  

Things my children need to learn ….  It is not a competition with their siblings, however, sometimes a bit of healthy competition produces wonderful results.  Their pace number is JUST A NUMBER !!  I have a plan for them for the year and come heck or high water, they will complete said plan by early Dec 2014.  In other words… stop stressing about it.  

Deep words of wisdom… I know !  Bahahahahaha

Blessings peeps !!  xox


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