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February 2014

HS Day 23 – Schoolwork, Birthdays, Chinese food.. and a broken neck !

Well, here we are amidst day 24 actually ... But I basically haven't been asleep for any decent length of time since yesterday morning, so it's kinda still the same day . The kids had a great work day yest.... Continue Reading →

HS Day 22 – The day I kept saying ‘This is so cool !!”

Wednesday was the JCC swimming carnival ! Such a fantastic day... except for the sunburn of course.  The kids collected 10 ribbons between them. The biggest standouts of the day were... * Us parents were right there poolside...  in on... Continue Reading →

Homeschooling Day 21 + recap of Melbourne trip !!

Hi all and welcome to week 5 (it actually started yesturday) of the school year. I just got back last night from a whirlwind 39hr trip to Melbourne ! It was such a blast !! Image We spend the Sunday... Continue Reading →

A great re-blog from Christine Caine on Colour Conference 2014

I am so excited to be going to Colour Conference for the very first time in less than 3wks time !!  I'm going with my most favourite sister Karen !!!! *************************************************************************************************My heart is pounding and my spirit is so expectant as... Continue Reading →

A great re-blog about helping our kids get through stressful times !!

The following is a guest post written by Lisa Kremer of Life is a Journey. During the last couple months I have learned a few things about kids and stress.  Hopefully my experiences can serve the purpose of helping others who might... Continue Reading →

Praise The Lord… it’s Friday !!!

Hiya Peeps... I cannot express to you in words how glad I am it's late afternoon on a Friday !! Here we are at the end of week 4 of our homeschooling journey !!  While I have not a doubt... Continue Reading →

Maccas-Schooling – Day 19

The Homeschoolers tuckshop- McDonalds !!! It is sooo hot at home, so we're taking advantage of the free air con here at Maccas. The 30c ice cream cone rewards are fantastic too.

This was yesturday... but I think the children's delight is pretty obvious at finishing the school day and heading out to the pool !!! It was/is a VERY hot week !!

Homeschooling at the Kingsleys – Day 16

Today is once again VERY hot, but we were lucky enough to get a good amount of rain last night.  It's great to see grass coming through our topsoil.  After making a very early start with schoolwork this morning, we... Continue Reading →

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