Ok, so this blog is going to be either long, disjointed, fragmented, poetic, short… or all of the above.  

So… this arv at 1pm, all of the LifeHouse Family met.  When leaving 3hrs later, there was so much going on in my head and heart, that it was hard to keep it all in.

First of all…..  I need to get comfortable rockin’ the boat !!  Now, this is an area which will challenge me for sure, as some of my closest family members dislike my boat rocking….  which can very often knock my confidence when it comes to discipling.  I said as much at the meeting today,…  but an illustrating given towards the end made me realise that I’m almost insulting God by saying I lack confidence… as it’s not me that does the work, it’s HIM within me…  So, If i doubt the ability to succeed, I’m doubting HIM.  Big revelation for me !!

Second big take-home !!  Stop having the mentality “I need to get ready…  Lord, please equip me.” and start declaring “I am ready, I am equipped.”  Now, of course, our lives are a constant traineeship in The Lord. He is always going to be teaching us and equipping us for further work etc etc.

Matthew 6:33

English Standard Version (ESV)

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

I also have to admit and repent of the fact that I did not bring anyone into the Kingdom in 2013 (to my knowledge).  I certainly believe that seeds were sewn in 2013, but I haven’t seen any real results as yet.  I need to step up in this area BIGTIME !!  Another big stand-out today…. Praying for Holy Spirit conviction in my targets.  That is one area I have been lax in…  I’ve asked for all sorts of things for them, but not that in particular.

Choosing to be un-offendable was also mentioned !!  That is HUGE !!  When you really think about it, if we could live un-offendable, how different would our lives be !!  When someone says or does something to you.. instead of taking offence, turn it back on yourself. Why am I reacting like this?  What can I learn from this?  What heart condition of mine needs addressing ?

Big things are going to happen in the next 12months or so.  Ground will be broken, doors will be opened, Lives will be saved.  What’s going to come with that?  The enemy is going to try and cause division amongst us. He is going to attack us where we’re vulnerable.  Because of this, we need to be on guard… hold our shields high and ‘put on our rhino skin’.  Watching out for ‘little foxes’ is also so important.  The enemy can be very subtle…  come at us in ‘little’ areas of our lives.   I think the best defence for this is being in The Word each day.  As a wise woman said today…  for us to ooze Jesus, we need to have Him within us !!  I want to be filled to the max and beyond.

Stewardship & tithing ….  a big issue, and one I’ve been convicted of for some time now and am guilty of not addressing sooner.   But today it was pointed out me that it’s not just about money…  I knew this stuff, but had never really let it sink in I guess.  The definition of stewardship is ‘the conducting, supervision of managing of something, especially :the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.’  Now, I had applied this to my children since I was blessed with them.  I have always been very aware that my 3 beautiful children are not mine… they are The Lord’s, entrusted to me to care for , raise, train, and MAKE DISCIPLES of.  I’ve always been on the right page with that one, while not always (& probably never will) doing a perfect job where they are concerned, but applying this principle to ALL areas of my life is something I have not done.  Everything I have, have ever had, and will have in the future is The Lord’s, and not mine. We love to claim things as our own don’t we….  often ignoring who blessed us with these things.

I have begun of late to say to my children of a morning “This is the day that The Lord has made, let’s rejoice and be glad in it”… and Yes, the song has been sung of late too.  LOL.  It’s this sort of mentality that I need to be teaching them…. to see ALL things as being from The Lord.

When it comes to finances though… it’s easy to have the mentality that we will reluctantly give the required 10% to The Lord, but that is so far off base.  The entire 100% is His to begin with, and we are asked to give just 10% back to Him.  It’s easy to have a bad attitude about it, but as my dear ole’ Dad has ALWAYS told me…. Give God 10% and just watch what’s he’ll do in your life with the 90%.   The Biblical blueprint is to live within the 90%, but the world’s view is live BEYOND your 100%.  :0(  Unfortunatley, it is very easy to fall in to.

Stewardship also covers our bodies.  How are we caring for your bodies?  Are we respecting the temple?  When I got motivated to live a healthier life in 2012, I would constantly remind myself that I am housing the Holy Spirit…  so I NEED to respect the house !!  That statement alone helped me on many a run, walk, plank…. and standing at the Maccas counter wanting a Sundae.  I have dropped the ball on this one, so TODAY I am re-commuting to this !!  I’m choosing to respect the temple !!

Now… for the BIGGEST revelation today…  & it kinda flows on, or is to do with my previous post entitled ‘End of a broken friendship’, which was really more about family than friendship.  I hope I can articulate this properly, as I didn’t manage too great this arv with my Husband, but I’ll blame that on his lack of understanding, as opposed to my lack of skill in explaining it.  LOL.

So, there has been a real change in my (extended) family dynamic in the last year and a bit.  There is real division that has never been there before, there is broken relationships, there is pain and frustration.  I have asked The Lord many times in this time “Why is this happening? I don’t understand it.  why am I being attacked in this area?.”  Today…  it clicked home.  It’s not an attack… It’s my Heavenly Father pointing me away from earthly things and towards HIM as my ultimate guide, friend, teacher & Father !!

Does this mean God is telling me I don’t need my earthly family?  No way !!  He placed me in this family for a reason, but I have been suffering big time trying to be on the path God wants me on, while members of my family work against me. (some quite unconsciously though).   This journey that I’m on has made me so thankful for my ‘family in The Lord’.  The path can sometimes be rough as cut glass, and sometimes as thrilling as ice-skating like a pro… but it’s nearly impossible to endure the good or bad without like minded people behind you, supporting you, listening to you, knocking you back on track when needed and basically BEING THERE !!

Blessings to you all xox