LOL !!  I’m sure all you maths nerds or teachers are laughing at me right now, but seriously, I don’t even remember learning about these terms, and frankly…..  as if we’ll ever use them again.  OK, so of course, I’m not displaying that attitude to the kids.  :0)  

Yesturday was a looooong day in the world of Maths Paces !!  James was on his for 4HRS !!! Yes, 4hrs…  I was freaking out a little about this until I txted another homeschooling Mum and her son had been on his maths pace for 3+hrs too.  Phew……  

I’ve had full attendance so far as a homeschooling supervisor… so I must be doing something right .. LOL

ImageWe’re planning on walking up to Genesis today to surprise Claudia at the backdate after school.  She was quite sad at not having us there to see most days as she has for years now.  

We’ll also, no doubt, see a few old friends too… so that’s be great for the kids.  

Yesturday, even though we had the 4hr maths pace issue, was a good homeschooling day !!  Very positive … especially for Jordan.  I didn’t have them mark their own work last week… to let them settle in more than anything else… but they started yesturday and it was a huge encouragement to Jordan.  He was certain everything was going to be wrong and he’d have to do it all again.  He came back quite pleased with himself after marking.  A real boost for him !!!  ImageWe are missing Rani today but know she is in a great place enjoying herself !!  Apparently she jumped 3 fences yesturday to get away from some not so welcoming geldings, but I’m sure she’ll sort it out .  She is certainly getting loads of loving attention from her new owner, an 11yr girl.  We are going to visit them in a month or so when she’s all settled in.  Jaz can’t wait !!  ImageWe are certainly going to miss her cute cheeky personality.  I even missed her morning neigh to me this morning.  :0(

Ok, toodles for now. We’re steaming ahead today so will most likely be finished well before lunch.  YAY !!!