OMGoodness !!!  Just downloaded all the required forms for homeschooling.. and, wowsers, I’m stressing already.  Attendance, goal charts, different charts for Jaz being high school and the boys being primary, subject tracking, Pace stocks… argghh !!! 

Thank The Lord I actually enjoy filling out forms.  LOL !! He must have blessed me with this skill for this very season.  LOL.

I’m hoping I get my head around it all quickly.  Thankfully I have Janelle to talk me through all this stuff, as no-one from the school so much as told me about any of these forms.  I’m so glad I haven’t come in to this with no support or I think I would have made many many mistakes.  

The kids have chosen ‘The Nutcracker’ again today to listen to while working.  I don’t mind as it is a beautiful piece of music.  

We have moved onto Joseph in our morning devotion which is keeping the kids very interested.  

Our day did start a bit gross though as Cassie (our cat) proudly brought in a rat during the night.  Thankfully Terry had mostly cleaned it up before we came down.  Cassie, however, was quite put out when she came in for her ‘breakfast’ and found it missing.  ‘How rude’ was the expression on her face.  LOL

OK…  Time to knuckle down peeps !!  xox