Yes, Praise The Lord, it’s Saturday.  I officially hit the wall last night when I realised I didn’t even have enough energy left to make dinner.  It’s not a huge deal as I just did without and the rest of the fam made do with leftovers etc.  But it did point out to me that I need to look after myself a lot better as this homeschooling gig is tiring with a capital T.  However, as a result, my downstairs shower got a good clean when I spent half an hour crying in it this morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it and don’t regret a thing.  I know we are doing the best thing for our children… I mean, their test results over the last two days show that. The lowest result we got was an 82%, and we had a couple of 100%’s (as you know, coz i”m down $2 already. LOL).

We’re still playing with our start time each day to find what works best. We’ve always started by 8.30, but I’m wondering if starting as early as possible could be better… will experiment with the super early start this coming week.  I’ve also managed to perfect (for now) my ‘working system’ of homeschooling paperwork etc.  I’m hoping it continues to run smootly using this method.  Watch this space for earth shattering updates on the subject.  Yes, I know, it’s going to be torture having to wait for them.  Bahahahahaha

Early to bed is going to have to be a priority too.  Terry is a night owl, so it’s hard to find a good balance there.

I was hoping for a very quite day today (after crying headache’s need quiet). but somehow, each of the kids has a friend over.  It’s not too bad really.. in some ways it actually helps to keep them occupied.

Okies Peeps…..  I hope you are all enjoying a relaxed weekend !!  When I decided to homeschool my children, I seriously thought that school holidays would not be that big of a deal anymore.. but after this last week, I realise they are probably even MORE important… to rest and recharge Mamma Bear !!

The Joy of The Lord is my strength !!!!

Blessings xox