Monday morning… woot woot !!!  That ‘woot woot’ is totally fake as I couldn’t be less enthused this morning due to a sinus infection (Doctors appt @ 12.15) and the joys of being a woman.  :0( Sorry to the guy readers out there in blog reader land… but hey, my blog name is fiMUM23….  signifying that I’m a Mum, so therefore a woman. LOL.  

OK…  clearly I am in a weird mood this morning… probs due to the amount of meds I’m on at the mo.  After the docs, I’ll probably add some antibiotics to the mix.  (& chocolate, for medicinal purposes.)

Anyway.. so down to serious topics…  my daughter pointed out to me this morning that I have been marking a particular part of their tests wrong… as a result, all test results (excepts for the 100% of course) go up 1%. Woo Hoo !!  Yes, it sounds confusing I know.. but it actually does make sense once I realised what I’d been doing wrong… In most cases, each correct question represents 2 points, but usually the last and biggest question represents 3 points..  I’d missed that bit.  

All fixed now in results though.  :0)

We have the wonderful (said with sarcasm) odour of topsoil wafting in to the schoolroom today.  Terry had a truckload delivered on Saturday and it STINKS !!!  When we’re finished work today, we’ll head out and do some spreading out.  Terry promised Jordan $5 for an hour of shovelling it.  :0)

The kids are all saving up for mini iPads, so every 100% result, as well as any jobs they can pick up, are all going towards that.  the mini iPads will actually be a huge resource in the schoolroom as they are constantly digging through dictionary’s, Bibles and the internet etc, so this will be a quick and easy way to do these things.  Funny that they would have had those resources had they continued at Genesis this year.  :0)  I”m glad to be able to purchase it at the cost I am happy with though, rather than an amount tacked on top of fees etc.  Yay for mini iPads gong on sale.  LOL

Blessings Peeps !!  xox