I can’t believe 2 Fridays have rolled around already… So, as a result, we have Terry home with us today.  He is great for the maths problems.  I am very good at Maths, but I am absolutely rubbish at explaining it.  I actually I am so familiar with how I do things now that I almost forget how I learnt it…  I mean, it was 25-30yrs ago. LOL.  Terry, however, seems to remember how to explain it ok, even though you add another 8yrs onto how long ago it is since he learnt it.  They probably used Roman Numerals for EVERYTHING in those days.  bahahahahaha !!  

It’s Valentines Day today, and even though we don’t think it’s particularly important, we got each a card and gift anyway.  I got a sports bra, but I didn’t think you’d want to see a picture of that.  Image

Now, I just have to have the strength to not eat any of the Ferrero Rocheres I bought for Terry. 

Jaz is the only one still working this morning.  Jordan started at 6 so had completed nearly 4 paces (days worth) before we even started.  So, I’ve set the boys up with housework until Jaz finishes….  So, obviously they want her to finish as quick as possible.  LOL.

I had a lovely heated discussion with my sister yesturday.  We disagree hugely on lots of things, but I think it drives others absolutely batty the way we don’t let it bother us….  We can go from practically yelling, to laughing on the floor in under 3 seconds.  Bahahahahaha.



Mum’s birthday lunch was great yesturday (even with the heated discussion. LOL). All of Karen’s girls (& boy) were there.  Karen & I put in for a massage voucher for Mum so hopefully she’s having that today on her respite day.  


My hair almost looks like I have grey roots in this pic… I just want it on record that I so DON’T have grey roots.  

Anyway..  moving right along.  I feel this has been a very productive week, with all children either beginning, or at least signed up for the HPE component of their schooling.  I’ve also organised Mathletics, Rosetta Stone (Japanese online tutor) and have set the wheels in motion for setting up Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor.  I also completed the children’s ILP’s for 2014. (Individual Learning Plan). It’s an official document that the education department need to prove I’m properly educating my children.  

OK…  that’s it for now.  Time to Vac & Mop !!  

Blessings Peeps !!  xox