Today is once again VERY hot, but we were lucky enough to get a good amount of rain last night.  It’s great to see grass coming through our topsoil.  


After making a very early start with schoolwork this morning, we still took until 11.30ish to complete the days work.  Jordan has got himself a little muddled with Social Studies pages and is further ahead then he should be, with some missing pages where he should actually be working, so it’ll take him a couple of days to bring it back right again.  No biggie.  :0)

With the swimming carnival next Wednesday, the kids are now doing 50 laps of the pool each day.  We are all really looking forward to the swimming carnival next week, to get to meet up with, and catch up with other homeschooling families from our area.  


Things I’m learning as I travel this path …..  Some days are good, some days are bad and some just pass rather un-noticeably.  With 3 children, the good, bad and un-noticeable don’t always line up.. LOL.  

Things my children need to learn ….  It is not a competition with their siblings, however, sometimes a bit of healthy competition produces wonderful results.  Their pace number is JUST A NUMBER !!  I have a plan for them for the year and come heck or high water, they will complete said plan by early Dec 2014.  In other words… stop stressing about it.  

Deep words of wisdom… I know !  Bahahahahaha

Blessings peeps !!  xox