Hiya Peeps…

I cannot express to you in words how glad I am it’s late afternoon on a Friday !!

Here we are at the end of week 4 of our homeschooling journey !!  While I have not a doubt in my mind & heart that we are doing the very BEST thing for our 3 precious blessings, I also acknowledge it is HARD WORK !!!

Today in particular was challenging with working our school day around an optometrist appoitmen that took 3.5hrs from leaving to arriving back home….  although, as you’ve already seen…  some macccaschooling happened in those hours too.

As the 2nd lot of testing is in full swing at the moment, I am thoroughly enjoying the rewards of said hard work !!  While the children need to achieve an 80% or above in order to ‘pass’, or advance to their next Pace, we are seeing results in the high 80’s and mid 90’s most often… with some bonus 100% test results… Yes, the ones sending me broke.  LOL.

One of the best things about supervising my children’ education is time….  time to go over confusing concepts, time to speed through an easy concept, time to chillax when needed, time to jump in the pool when it’s 36 degrees in the schoolroom, time to find a YouTube clip or something similar so that my ‘visual learner’ children can get a concept not understood when explained on paper, or in speech.. plus a whole load more benefits.

God is ever present in our schoolroom too…. which is, to say the least, comforting, reassuring… and just generally, well, lovely !!  Nothing like being with your best friend all day long !!

The children, while admittedly frustratingly slowly, are learning to love being around each other.  I more and more am finding them helping one another out with things.  Don’t get me wrong, the fighting and squabbles haven’t stopped, but here’s hoping and praying for continued improvement.

At present, Jaz & I are alone in the house on this Friday afternoon/evening, which will now be the norm as Jordan has indoor cricket & James goes to Youth group.  I must say it is the perfect set up for the end of the week…  I am certainly enjoying the silence.

I am heading to Melbourne for an overnighter on Sunday.  It will be the first school day I’ve not been here for, so I’m a little nervous about it, but I’ve told the kids  (& Terry) to have a chilled work day…  no stressing about anything not achieved.. we’ll pick up the slack through the rest of the week.  I am certainly looking forward to the cooler weather in Melbourne… and getting to meet with other Godly women who have the spiritual lives of our young GEMS girls in their hearts.

We are going down to train up & encourage a new club that is starting.  Very excited to know that a new bunch of girls will be being nurtured in their walk with The Lord !!

& to close…. I received a wonderful surprise gift from my husband when he got home this afternoon…  he bought me a dress… Yes, I said a dress !!!  It is , in fact, a very random thing my Dear Husband has done, but I am very grateful.  Will remember to take a pic and post when I get around to wearing it.  It’s a dressy number, so it’ll have to wait for something worthy of wearing it.

Love & blessings to you all my bloggy friends, spread out all over this gorgeous world our super loving Heavenly Father has blessed us with !!