Hi all and welcome to week 5 (it actually started yesturday) of the school year. I just got back last night from a whirlwind 39hr trip to Melbourne ! It was such a blast !! Image We spend the Sunday afternoon training up a new & re-starting GEMS club in Victoria. After spending a great nights sleep at my beautiful Aunty Cynthia’s, we headed off on the train into the city to do, what ended up being, a 5hr self walking tour. It was, to say the least, FANTASTIC. All the hidden alleyways and arcades, full of cute little cafes, shops, artwork, interesting people, history & culture etc. I LOVE Trams, so that is what I thought would be my fav part of the day, but it was, in fact, finding these hidden treasures I didn’t even know were there.



My Aunty, who has lived in Melbourne for decades, had not even done this tour before. As I said…. a fantastic way to spend our small amount of time in Melbourne. A funny part of the day was that, out of all the trendy, cute little cake & coffee shops… when it actually came time to wanting to sit down at one, we had to go to Muffin Break of all places because there were either no tables available, or a very long line at the really nice places. Image Image We also visited a great lolly making shop where they displayed how they make the lollies etc. Very interesting.


So, after flying home last night Soooooo tired that my eyes were falling out of my head, I had a very good nights sleep before heading into the school day today. A few tests were done today, with very pleasing results. Most notable.. Jordan’s 97% in Science !! He was very pleased with himself. One of the GEMS leaders we went down to encourage is a homeschooling Mum of 6, so it was great to talk to her and bounce some ideas around. I love having it confirmed over and over again that we are in God’s will while travelling this fun journey !! We are all excited about the swimming carnival t’row !! It’s obviously our first, so we don’t really know what to expect, but I’m sure it’ll be a great day with the other homeschooling families.


Lv Fi xox