Wednesday was the JCC swimming carnival ! Such a fantastic day… except for the sunburn of course.  The kids collected 10 ribbons between them.

The biggest standouts of the day were…

* Us parents were right there poolside…  in on the action !!  So awesome !!

IMGP0162  Funny shot ..LOL

* There was no ‘cliqueyness’ !  All 50ish kid cheered each other on, encouraged one another, and generally got along ! Praise The Lord !!

* When after a race, the kids had to go to the marshalling table to record their place and receive their ribbon, they were asked what unit they were in (area of schooling in SE QLD) and when James didn’t actually know what unit we were in, so they asked him who his teacher was (meaning our Head of Unit teacher), but James responded with ‘My Mum!’.  LOL.  Love that kid !!!

* After the swimming carnival part was over, the kids all got to go over to the ‘fun’ pool and go on the watersides…. that’s not something you get to do when at ‘normal’ school.  :0)


* Fantastic friends were made !! God is so good !! :0)

I’d love to share pics with you, but my silly Mac is playing up.

Blessings peeps !!