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March 2014

“You’re Beautiful !! “

My absolute fav song right now !!! 'You're Beautiful' Lyrics Jamie Rodwell I see your face in every sunrise The colors of the morning are inside your eyes The world awakens in the light of the day I look up... Continue Reading →

Some weekend homeschooling fun !!

Here I am on a Sunday night... soooo ready for bed.... but I just want to give a shout out to my 2 older children who happily... well, maybe not happily, but without complaint..  did some 'catch up' schoolwork on... Continue Reading →

HS Day 41 Part 2 – I don’t wanna write part 2 tho :0(

Hi all.  This is part 2 of what happened on Tuesday...  what was supposed to be Dad's surgery day !!  His long awaited, much fought for surgery ! Anyway.. in the pics shown in part 1, we were under the... Continue Reading →

HS Day 41- part 1

The HS is for hospital schooling today !!

HS Day 40 – Filing, filing & more filing !!

WOW !! The amount of paperwork involved in Homeschooling is amazing !!  The file system I started with is going to have to be revised.  Also, the children often need their completed books if they've had concept descriptions or diagrams... Continue Reading →

Our baby is 9yrs old !!!

Bahahahahahahaha !!  This is me 9yrs & 1 day ago ... It was taken on the Sunday morning that James was born on the Monday morning. This was a super proud moment, not only to have another beautiful baby boy...... Continue Reading →

The Colour Journey !!

Our Colour Journey began a few months ago when a saw a FB post.. someone selling 2 Colour tickets !!!  I automatically thought of gong with my sister.. and bought the tickets without even asking her...  LOL.  whoops !!  It... Continue Reading →

HS Day 37 !! Apparently I was nasty this morning. (but I totally wasn’t)

Don't you love tired cranky children who think you're the worst parent in the whole entire world simply because you wouldn't let them get away with bad behaviour? So...  that was the start of my day... oh well, we'll pray... Continue Reading →

HS Day 35 ! The day of catching up after COLOUR !!

Hiya Peeps... I'm back on board...  albeit very tired...  after 3+ days in Sydney for Hillsong Colour Conference at the Qantas Credit Union Arena (Sydney Entertainment centre). 17000 women, most on fire for God, got to soak up fantastic atmosphere,... Continue Reading →

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