Happy Monday peeps !!

While in the shower over the weekend..  Yes, you’re welcome to skip the visual..  It occurred to me that I have been re-learning a LOT of things in these last 4wks of homechooling my children.  Not just things like Maths problems where I had to remember exactly how to work out a problem when I have just done it without thinking for years now, but things I had completely forgotten also.  The biggest example comes from Social Studies and Science.  Jordan is currently studying Australia, so through checking/marking his work, I get to find out things like the state flower for each state, the different properties between softwood and hardwood trees, the first settlers in that area etc etc. Plus heaps more !!

Now the point here isn’t that I am re-discovering these things, is that I’m re-discovering them with my children !!  That’s the icing on the cake !  It occurred to me that even though in previous years with the kids at Genesis, a sheet would come home at the beginning of each term outlining what would be covered in the term ahead.  Now, even with this info on board, it can be like pulling hens teeth getting info out of your children on what they’ve covered that day etc etc.  You’re lucky if you get a two word answer.  Unless they are working on a project (& so many projects now are done in class), it’s very hard to know what exactly is being studied at a particular time.

But now…  and here’s the hidden benefit…  I am right there alongside my children every day so I can’t help but be completely up on what they’re studying. This allows us to discuss it at random times throughout the school day, over dinner or the weekend, which really encourages learning and the ‘sinking in’ process of learning.

It’s being made very evident to me that supervising my children’s education is an absolute privilege & a blessing !!

Blessings to you all !!