While being very careful to not winge.. I so nearly ‘hit the wall’ just now. It’s only that I’m now sitting on the couch after some chocolate (for medicinal purposes of course) that I have avoided said ‘wall’.
Our day today has consisted of a sleep in due to the onset of a cold in Mamma Bear, and the continued cold in Miss 12, a very brief stint of homeschooling, some car schooling, optometrist schooling & finally some hospital schooling.
While the kids are now finally finished their work for the day (Praise The Lord!!), it was not without some stress.
Usually, Master 8s constant questions are bearable, but when sporting a terrible headache… Man, that’s just a whole new ball game .
Sufficed to say, I’m VERY glad to be on this comfy couch… Albeit having to have a Barbie movie on in front of me. Lol.
Thank The Lord for his promises that He is with is at all times, walking alongside us when it’s rough (& when it’s smooth) , a listening ear when we need to ‘vent’, and the bestest of best friend when we feel like poop and just need the comfort of a friend.
Blessings peeps !!!