Ok, so I’m discovering in this second part of Week 5 that it is tough being a homeschool Mum when you’re sick as a dog.  :0(

However, God always looks after me.  Amongst the yucky symptoms, I am also reading a fantastic book by C. Peter Wagner entitled Praying with Power.  It has been such a great read so far and I wonder why I’ve taken so long to read it (I got it about 9 months ago), but I am reminded that God’s timing is perfect, so this is why I’m reading it at this particular time.

I had revealed to me two major, and I mean major things about my dear Husband while reading Chapter 2 – Two way prayer – Hearing God.  I now have very specific things to pray about in this regard.  Very interesting, as one of the biggest take-aways of this book is how more powerful our prayers can be when they are as specific as possible.  It is speaking more to warfare prayers, but I believe it definitely has the same ‘power’ in personal prayers for loved ones also.

Another very fascinating topic which I’ve wanted to delve into further, but never have… is spiritual mapping.  I’ve always wondered what that was, how do you use it and how is it helpful?  Chapter 4 – Targeted prayer – Spiritual mapping, has explained it very well.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to intensify their prayer life.

OK.. so back to schooling… the children are working extremely well for their poor sick mother who yesturday didn’t make it off the couch for very long… and today, is at her desk for over two hours now..  so there is marked improvement.  Here’s to finishing up soon and hitting the couch again.  LOL.  I think a good action movie might be on the cards…  I”m thinking Thor, The Dark World.  Yes, I did watch it last night, but you can never watch enough Avengers.  LOL.

Blessings Peeps !!!