Soooooo….  the second half of the day was, shall we say… suckful.  I’m finding that testing time can be like that.  Not just stress related for the kids, but it’s simply very BUSY !  Lots of paperwork, filing and sorting involved.

Maybe that’s why I turned into a voice raised banchee with my dear 11yr old son today…..  however let’s not ignore that fact that he went ahead with a test that he very clearly was not ready for.. and then refused to take responsibility for rushing into something he KNEW he wasn’t prepared for.  Mamma Bear…. who as you already know, has a very sore head as it is…  kinda lost the plot a tad.  whoops !!

I’m sure they will settled into it eventually, but at the moment, it’s still a bit of a competition with the kids back in ‘mainstream’ school.  “I’ll finish before them.”,  “I’ll be further ahead in work for the year than them.”  Yes, that’s all well and good as long as you are actually taking the concepts in and LEARNING all that needs to be learnt.  I’m hoping they’ll thank me years from now when they look back and see that I only had their best interests in mind when I ‘made’ them go over and over those time tables.. and do ALL those annoying practise sums & problem solving equations.  Hopefully they’ll forgive me for my grumpy times.  :0)

So, now after a trip to the shops, a tiny lie down and a lovely phone call with a much loved cousin… I have returned to my normal sweet (LOL) self.  You may now feel free to turn up on my doorstep and you won’t have your head bitten off.  :0)

Blessings Peeps !!