Yes, it only just occurred to me that we’re in week 7 ! That is super amazing to realise we’ve nearly completed an entire term as a homeschooling family !!  Woot Woot for us !!

Today was a bit off kilter actually, but I’m learning to roll with those days.  I think they may even work better sometimes.. ..  Yes, it’s a weird thing for me…  I’m a major planner… Lists, plans, bullet points, scenarios, diagrams…  I’m into all of that.  Don’t get me wrong, these things are all fantastic, and I doubt I’ll ever not have them part of my personality, but I am finding that having a not-so-structured day in each week kinda works well.

Today, we managed to get about half an hour of work in before heading to the shops with Mum to do a few errands and pick up a couple of things needed for my EXCITING trip to Sydney on Thursday with Karen to attend Hillsong Colour Conference !!!  The weather predicts possible showers on each day… so of course, the fact the I just paid $24 for a super compact umbrella today, has basically ensured it WILL NOT rain at all.

Granted, I did leave one of my children with my niece, who also homeschools, but kinda differently, so the trip was not as stressful with one less child to content with.  I even managed to buy myself a new top for the trip.  woo hoo !!  Oh, and the important FLAT but kinda pretty shoes….. to wear basically constantly for 3 days.  LOL.

Work was still complete well before 2pm though, so that was great !!  We watched a fascinating ‘God’s Creation’ documentary on ACC (Australia Christian Chanel).  The kids always complain at me ‘making’ them watch an educational show instead of the brain cell killing rubbish they prefer to watch.  Funny thing is though that 2mins in to this ‘boring’ show… there is 6 eyes wide and unblinking completely absorbed in the show.  Wow… Mum actually knows what’s she doing around her… go figure.

An afternoon coffee with one of my favourite sisters in Christ, Jude, was much appreciated before the rush of Monday afternoon getting dinner early and Jaz & I off to Physie by 5.50.

Then to top of a fantastic day, coffee out with said sister in Christ, but with the added bonus of my two other favourite sisters in Christ, Debbs & Krystal !!!!!

I am truly blessed peeps !!!  There is soooo much more that happened today that I haven’t even touched on, but all in all…..  I am a super blessed woman !!  Fantastic Husband, 3 cheeky & adorable children, roof over our heads, food in the kitchen, awesome friends & family (both blood & otherwise), cute dog & cat (yes, that important to mention.)…. and GOD blessed me with ALL of it !!

Nighty night peeps !!  See you on the flip side !!!