Hiya all,

Well, today was our first Activity Day at PCYC.  We had no idea what to expect, but it was a FULL-ON day indeed !!  We arrived at 9.30 to begin with devotions, followed by the Primary school children heading off for music & LOTE, while the High schoolers did ICT & Media.  They’re making a documentary about themselves….  exciting !!

After a lunch break, it was outside we went for 2+hrs of PE !  It doesn’t sound like much, but they seriously went full pelt for over 2hrs !!  I think they’ll be sleeping soundly tonight.

The journey getting there was interesting as we arrived at the train station only to find that no-one had picked up the backpack with lunch and drink bottles in it.  :0(  Must have been a God thing though, as when we arrived back home to get it, we found that Miss 12 had locked the front door.. and left the keys in the OUTSIDE of the door !!

So….  after missing our train, which was going to allow us heaps of time to find the PCYC we’d never been to before…  we hopped on the next train, power walked our little bootys up the street and arrived JUST in time.

Comment of the day though…  as the title says…. is Jaz after we’d arrived back home telling me how she’d made ANOTHER lifelong friend today… well, 2 actually !! And she was worried she wouldn’t have many friends as a homeschooling kid !!  I KNEW she’d have no trouble though !  What’s also fantastic is that she’s making fantastic friends all over the place.. these girls today actually live in Toowoomba, 4 hours away…  Yes, it makes it hard for playdates, but they will see each other semi-reguarly at activity days and other school related outings.  Plus any reason to visit Toowoomba is a good one !!

The great friends she made at the swimming carnival at least live in Brisbane, but quite a ways away from us though.

OK, so that just about wraps up our great, but tiring, day today !!  Only 2 more sleep until Colour !!!  Getting sooooo excited !!!

Blessings Peeps  xox