1543 Fiona overdue 1 wkBahahahahahahaha !!  This is me 9yrs & 1 day ago … It was taken on the Sunday morning that James was born on the Monday morning.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was a super proud moment, not only to have another beautiful baby boy… but that I pulled off a VBAC !!!  YAY for me !!!  LOL

WOW !!!  It’s been a wild 9yrs !! By the times James was 2, we’d said more than several times that he had enough energy for 10 kids.  Well, he has certainly proved that to be true over the years.  :0)  He’s also proved to have enough love in him for 10 kids too !!

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& now, unfortunately, after a super fun morning at Chipmunk playcenter.. James favourite place…  I’ve just had to wave him off to Cadet camp for the weekend !!  I get him back for a couple of hours in the morning t’row for soccer, but other than that.. not until lunchtime on Sunday. Boo Hoo for me.  :0(  I’m sure he’ll have an absolute blast though !!!


You are truly a blessing in our lives, with your cheeky grin, endless questions, hugs & kisses !!  WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK !!

Blessings peeps !!  xox