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April 2014

HS Day 66 – Part 2 – A ‘testing’ day !!

Today was a day of testing !!  Being the last day of the month, we seal off our envelope for the month with attendance record & testing for the month of April. I was keen to get as much testing... Continue Reading →

HS day 66 !! 😃

10 Ways to Simplify Homeschooling by Collette Longo 1. Keep everything as simple as you can. Jesus wrote with a stick in the dirt, and He was the greatest teacher that ever lived. He used no curriculum or flannel graphs... Continue Reading →

13yrs ago tonight, I was becoming a Mother !!!!

So many emotions going through my head & heart tonight... - where has the last 13yrs gone ? - am I doing a good job with my daughter? - will I survive the teenage years? - Seriously , how did... Continue Reading →

Are you prepared to trust in God? Well, are you?

A very interesting read !


This little tidbit came across my Twitter feed today.

“When we are prepared to trust God, He is ready to surprise us with His goodness.”

I hope that you can see the through this little, feel-good statement and can see it for the trash that it is.

Oh, it sounds all nice on the surface. Makes me want to say, “Yes, I trust in God! I am ready for you to show me your goodness, God!”

Except that it is a lie.

Oh, God is good. And yes, He shows us His goodness all the time. But let me ask you something, do you deserve that goodness? Did you trust in Him perfectly? Did you somehow do something (such as trust in Him just right) that makes you worthy of His goodness?

Or let me try this way. Things aren’t going quite like you would like them to go. There are things…

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Follow up previous blog …

My devotion content tonight !!! God timing is awesome !! Transformed By Beholding The greatest characteristic a Christian can exhibit is this completely unveiled openness before God, which allows that person’s life to become a mirror for others. When the... Continue Reading →

HS Day 61…. An efficient day today !! A lonely Arv/evening tho :0(

Hello there Peeps... Today was a very productive school day which was exactly what was needed after yesterday's stress.  A few tests are scheduled for the morning, so here's praying we have a fabulous night's sleep tonight in preparation.  I,... Continue Reading →

Time for one last blog prayer for the day 😊

Father God, at the end of this tough day, please open my spiritual eyes and understanding to see beyond the natural realm. Lord, please give me discernment and wisdom to understand when the enemy is attacking and when it is... Continue Reading →

HS Day 60 – Day 1, Term 2 – Back into it !!!

I saw a post of PB just now that read "For crying out loud !! Give me strength !!" That basically covers my day....  not for any reasons related to the kids, but because of having to spend hours.. and... Continue Reading →

A Lesson in Submission

Go the red !!!! My husband loves it too !!

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