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April 2014

HS Day 66 – Part 2 – A ‘testing’ day !!

Today was a day of testing !!  Being the last day of the month, we seal off our envelope for the month with attendance record & testing for the month of April.

I was keen to get as much testing done as possible as we did lose 2wks of April due to school holidays.

All 3 kids did amazingly well, with all doing at least 3 exams, and no results falling under 90%.  Jordan in particular has had a fantastic day of realising that his hard work is paying off.  I can tell him until I’m blue in the face that he’s improving, but he needs to see it in the way that is going to most effect him.   :0)

I tried something new this morning and made sure I was up before the kids woke, so that I could have my devotion time in peace.  It was a fantastic time with my God ! I will definitely be doing it in future.  An early night is needed prior though, as I’m not a super fantastic morning person…  I REALLY like my sleep.  LOL.  Thankfully, for my children’s sake, I’m not a grumpy morning person… I just don’t like getting out of bed if I haven’t had enough sleep.  I’m very blessed that my kids have always been very good morning sleepers, even as babies…  always sleeping until 7.  Love it !!!

I have just had a time of reading back over my prayer journal tonight.  I really think it’s a great habit to get into.. reading back over them.  It really shows you how you’ve grown, things you’ve survived, and reminds you of balls possibly dropped.  Sometimes it can be hard when you read over those particular issues that never seem to go away…. but on the other hand, it reminds you that you are brought through each and every panful event on that issue, and more often than not, something has been learnt each time.

It’s just started raining, so I”m going to head to bed, and finish my bible study time there, while listening to the sweet sound of raining falling on the roof.  The weather says we are in for a cold weekend (by Queensland standards anyway), so I’m looking forward to that.  Time to break out the scarves for a spell before heading to Tassie with them in only 5wks time.  They may even be needed next weekend at Cania Gorge.  It seems to get a good few degrees cooler at night up there.

OK.. Nighty night peeps !!

Blessings.  xox

HS day 66 !! 😃

10 Ways to Simplify Homeschooling

by Collette Longo

1. Keep everything as simple as you can. Jesus wrote with a stick in the dirt, and He was the greatest teacher that ever lived. He used no curriculum or flannel graphs or lesson plans. Homeschooling can be made far more complicated than it should be. A simpler approach is much more effective.

2. Stick to the 3 R’s. They form the foundation of life-long learning in every field because they are the tools of study. There will be no need to formalize any other subject if the children are doing their best in these 3, because people who are well grounded in reading, writing and math will approach other subjects boldly, independently and confidently.

3. Let the children teach themselves as much as they are able to. This teaches them responsibility, intellectual independence, and builds confidence. It’s also better for the parent/child relationship because you can focus on parenting instead of playing schoolteacher.

4. Use the most direct method available. For reading, read. For writing, write, for math, do it, and for Bible, read it. Don’t fall for catchy curriculums or methods that are really just something else for you and your child to learn.

5. Don’t worry about your child’s age or grade. Just let him do the best he can each day. Children grow intellectually like they do physically: in spurts. Although we may have an audience of skeptical relatives, homeschooling is not a circus, and we refuse to train our children to do tricks for people.

6. Minimize distractions in the home. Watch for excessiveness in entertainments, snacking, outings, phone conversations and the like. These sorts of things can easily get out of hand and compete with the effectiveness of a homeschool and sap the family of time and energy.

7. Seek quality over quantity. A few tapes of great music, a small case of carefully chosen books, a few special play mates, and an occasional outing is better than a large, but poor quality collection.

8. If you must document your school activities, do it after the fact. This way you will not make promises you cannot keep. If you are required to make lesson plans, be as vague as permissible. Don’t let transcripts, diplomas, records and tests determine your academic plans. Focus on learning and the rest will follow.

9. Put the needs of your youngest, most vulnerable children first. If an older child gets a little behind in school, I’m sure you can forgive yourself. But if something happened to the toddler while you were busy homeschooling, I don’t think you would be able to say the same.

10. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul and don’t neglect to seek him early…giving him the first fruits of your day and teach your children to do the same. I know that you are tired and that there aren’t enough hours in your day, but we serve a God who can make the sun stand still.

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Matt. 11:28-30

13yrs ago tonight, I was becoming a Mother !!!!

So many emotions going through my head & heart tonight…
– where has the last 13yrs gone ?
– am I doing a good job with my daughter?
– will I survive the teenage years?
– Seriously , how did we create such a gorgeous creature? Lol
– Am I completely ready for her shin-dig party t’row night ? (No).
– will I remember all the jobs I need to do t’row ?
– WHY did soccer season have to start ON Jaz’s bday??

But… The biggest question on my mind tonight is… AM I POINTING MY DAUGHTER TOWARDS CHRIST ???

Well, I know I AM, but the more appropriate question is “Am I doing it WELL enough?” I’m ashamed to say the answer is “No”.
I know The Lord has great things in store for Jaz. She has a great hunger for Him, and seeks His voice each day, which is so fantastic.
It’s so easy to get ‘busy’ and let things slide… My one – on – one time with her, our devotion reading, taking a keen interest in her interests. But, when it comes down to it, there is really no excuse for these things? I can name a few things each day that I could set aside, and devote those times to Jaz.
So, today I’m recommitting to my daughter !!! I’m going to walk beside her through all situations, even the yucky ones (these ones normally involve attitude on her behalf. Lol).

I am often reminded of times when Jaz was a toddler…, she seriously was the sweetest, most adorable thing ever. Thank The Lord though, she still comes to me for hugs and kisses, but now it’s also advice, confirmation on things, seeking instruction and sometimes even correction (proud moments those ones).

Tomorrow, I will celebrate 13yrs, full of blessings as the Mother of a smart, funny, generous, beautiful, sensitive, creative and cheeky young lady… Who, while following the path our Heavenly Father has set before her, can only look forward to wonderful things.

Blessings peeps !! xox


Are you prepared to trust in God? Well, are you?

A very interesting read !

This little tidbit came across my Twitter feed today.

“When we are prepared to trust God, He is ready to surprise us with His goodness.”

I hope that you can see the through this little, feel-good statement and can see it for the trash that it is.

Oh, it sounds all nice on the surface. Makes me want to say, “Yes, I trust in God! I am ready for you to show me your goodness, God!”

Except that it is a lie.

Oh, God is good. And yes, He shows us His goodness all the time. But let me ask you something, do you deserve that goodness? Did you trust in Him perfectly? Did you somehow do something (such as trust in Him just right) that makes you worthy of His goodness?

Or let me try this way. Things aren’t going quite like you would like them to go. There are things…

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Follow up previous blog …

My devotion content tonight !!! God timing is awesome !!

Transformed By Beholding

The greatest characteristic a Christian can exhibit is this completely unveiled openness before God, which allows that person’s life to become a mirror for others. When the Spirit fills us, we are transformed, and by beholding God we become mirrors. You can always tell when someone has been beholding the glory of the Lord, because your inner spirit senses that he mirrors the Lord’s own character. Beware of anything that would spot or tarnish that mirror in you. It is almost always something good that will stain it—something good, but not what is best.

The most important rule for us is to concentrate on keeping our lives open to God. Let everything else including work, clothes, and food be set aside. The busyness of things obscures our concentration on God. We must maintain a position of beholding Him, keeping our lives completely spiritual through and through. Let other things come and go as they will; let other people criticize us as they will; but never allow anything to obscure the life that “is hidden with Christ in God” (Colossians 3:3). Never let a hurried lifestyle disturb the relationship of abiding in Him. This is an easy thing to allow, but we must guard against it. The most difficult lesson of the Christian life is learning how to continue “beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord . . . .”

O Lord, I look to you so utterly that I am worse than useless without You. Be made wisdom and discernment and understanding unto me today.

Blessings Peeps !!

HS Day 61…. An efficient day today !! A lonely Arv/evening tho :0(

Hello there Peeps…

Today was a very productive school day which was exactly what was needed after yesterday’s stress.  A few tests are scheduled for the morning, so here’s praying we have a fabulous night’s sleep tonight in preparation.  I, unfortunately, have not slept well for the last two nights now due to a stress that shouldn’t actually be there anyway.  (Don’t you hate those ones.)

I’m having another of those “Feeling lonely, and yet I know I’m not alone” kinda arv & evenings.  In these times, I press into The Lord like never before.

I have had a family related stress/hurt on my heart for a year and a half now, and today I’ve decided to put an end to it… or at least attempt to.  I need to constantly remind myself that I can’t control anyone else’s decisions.. only my own.  I can’t control anyone else’s heart condition… only my own.

It all comes back to Audience of One !!  If I’m letting anyone else’s opinion of me… or the untruths they are saying of me to others effect me, then I’m in fact NOT living with an ‘audience of One’ mentality.  It’s humbling to be brought back to this mindset when needed.  Humbling… and refreshing… and JUST WHAT I NEED !!

I do feel like I live a bit of a double life at times, as I know I do put a fairly happy disposition forward, and don’t get me wrong… I AM a happy person, but I do have many struggles within my own family that make me feel terribly alone… when in fact I know I’m not… hence the ‘naming’ of this kind of day.

I long for the day…..  and more importantly PRAY for the day, when I will have a lighter shield, a spiritual leader in my home, and in some ways… a mentor within my home.  I don’t know why…. well, actually I do suspect why…  but I CRAVE to receive rich teaching from my husband.  I so want him to be that little bit further down the road than me in his spiritual walk…. rather than the other way around.  I have questions/concerns/wonderful revelations etc, and I so want to share them with the most important man in my life, but I can’t… which more often than not, leads me to these periods of feeling desperately alone.

I receive so much love and comfort from my Heavenly Father in these times.  I am beyond blessed to be a daughter of The Most High God !! I do know that walking the road God has marked out for me can be tough… and lonely at times…. but only lonely in the human sense.  I KNOW He is walking beside me at all times.

Deuteronomy 28:1-3And if you faithfully obey the voice of the Lord your God, being careful to do all his commandments that I command you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, if you obey the voice of the Lord your God. Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the field.

Blessings Peeps !!




Time for one last blog prayer for the day 😊

Father God, at the end of this tough day, please open my spiritual eyes and understanding to see beyond the natural realm.
Lord, please give me discernment and wisdom to understand when the enemy is attacking and when it is something that I have allowed.

Please crumble the spirit of opposition and persecution in many nations where Christians are a small fighting force. Please also shatter the spirit of indifference.

I pray a blessed nights sleep over my little ones. I ask that The Lord of Angel armies commands them to protect us and keep us safe, Lord Jesus set your angels around each and every one of us. Holy Spirit be the only voice that we hear and be the only face that we see as we sleep. Speak words of comfort rest and refreshment over us as we dream dreams of beauty and wonder. Help us to wake happy, refreshed and ready to take on the day. We love you Lord Jesus, and we ask this in your awesome name.

HS Day 60 – Day 1, Term 2 – Back into it !!!

I saw a post of PB just now that read “For crying out loud !! Give me strength !!”

That basically covers my day….  not for any reasons related to the kids, but because of having to spend hours.. and yes, I mean hours, on hold with Telstra !!  (Australia’s main telecom, for those OS).

I work on a Mac (Yes, I can hear cheering.. LOL), so I haven’t had any dealings with virus and the like since my DH bought me my Mac over two years ago.  They really are fantastic machines in that way.  However, I seem to have picked up something nasty through an email, and even though my Mac has stopped it going any further into my computer, it still caused enough problems within my email program, to require the hours on the phone with Telstra.  (Insert incredibly sad face here.)

Seeing as my Dear Husband has been a Telstra employee for over 27yrs, I’m caught between a rock & a hard place with these people.  We do receive very generous discounts while having our services with them… but man, days like today make me want to go to one of the competitors.

OK…  Rant over….  now onto the good stuff !!!

We have headed into Term 2 today very well on track…  if not slightly ahead of the game for the year.  This is a fantastic position to be in as we have a few trips in the next couple of months that will make schooling unsettled at those times.

We are heading off to explore Cania Gorge in a couple of weeks.  Terry has wanted to do it for a while now after a work colleague raved about it.  After researching the area, I am now quite looking forward to the trip.  Also, we bought a 4WD on the weekend which we are picking up t’row.  We bought it mainly for this trip as there are lots of great 4WD opportunities in the area.

Here’s a link if you interested in checking it out.

I’m also pretty excited about the new car as it has 8 seats, so we can go back to being able to fit friends and cousins in the car when needed.

OK.. back to the schooling info for the day….  Jordan did his maths test today.  While it is a very tedious time for him, the results were fantastic.  He struggles to grasp concepts, so I am trying to find as many VISUAL ways for him to wrap his mind around things maths related.  I’ve drawn a fair few pizzas and cakes of late while working through decimals & fractions.  :0)

Another part of our school day was a trip to the dentist for James.  He has an overcrowding issue going on, so we’ve been referred to an Orthodontist to discuss a solution.  Jaz has another check up scheduled in a few weeks for having her braces put on, so we’ve managed to get in at that same time slot.  He needs X-rays prior to that appointment, so they’ll be interesting to see as his teeth really are all over the place.

On another topic, we started a new family devotion after dinner tonight which was good.  It was actually a YouTube clip along with some bible passages to read, so that was entertaining for the kids.  I’m really looking forward to sticking to this practice after dinner each night.  The kids always enjoy those family times.  We used to do ‘couch time’  (From Growing Kids God’s Way) when the kids were younger and the kids still talk about it, and want to continue it.  However, as couch time is more about Mum & Dad time then family time, we really feel that, while couch time was hugely beneficial when the kids were younger, it’s more the conversing as a family that they require now.

On yet another point…  Yesturday when we were out driving, looking at a possible next investment property decision, Terry mentioned ‘When it’s just the two of us in our retirement.” (referring to when we’ll live in a much smaller property, without children at home.)  It got me thinking of what it’ll be like then… when the kids have flown the coup.  Of course, it made me a little sad, but I don’t tend to dwell on it usually as it is so far down the track. (However, I’m sure it will go in the blink of an eye :0(… )  It suddenly got me wondering yesturday whether by deciding to Homeschool my children, I’ve actually set myself up for an even harder time ?? I’d love to hear other Homeschooling Mum’s opinion or experiences on this.  I am already so used to having the kids with me at all times.  When they leave the nest, am I going to find it even harder without them ?

I really can’t wait to hear back from some of you on this.

Blessings Peeps !



A Lesson in Submission

Go the red !!!! My husband loves it too !!

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