So, I have officially homeschooled my children for one entire term… and we’re all still alive…  LOL.  No, it’s amazing to think we’ve not been doing school like this forever…  it seems so natural now.  The idea of my children being back in the mainstream school system now seems extremely foreign.  Shows how quickly you can fall into, what was quite clearly, God’s will for our family.

It is with some confusion, and need of adjustment, from my side as we head into the Easter school holidays as it almost seems like “why should the schoolwork stop?”  Here I am sitting her on the first official day of school hols and it’s very strange to just be doing nothing.  We’re in the same location, on the same time line, and yet, we’re just handing out…  I have to say it seems like a waste of time.  LOL.  There was actually a pupil free day on Friday at most locals schools here, but much to my children’s disgust, I didn’t go by that ruling.  I asked my children “Why do the schools have pupil free days?”  They didn’t know, so I explained to them that the teachers and staff use those days for PD courses, training etc etc.  As we don’t school under this method, we don’t need to come under those guidelines.  I do my PD on a constant basis, but more importantly in prayer & praise and worship time of an evening.  Obviously the PD required for teachers is far more in depth as they have to deal with 30ish kids each day… all with different personalities, strengths and learning ability.  While they know their students very well by the end of each year, it simply can’t match how well a mother knows her own children.  Besides the fact that I only have 3 little people to be concerned about, I also know their personalities extremely well..  how they do, and something don’t, work well together.

Don’t get me wrong, I”m in no way knocking school teachers… I know several and love them dearly, but I’m just trying to point out the differences in why Pupil free days don’t need to happen in our home educational environment.

I’ve spoken to a dear friend who also homeschools her children and it was comforting to hear that she struggles with the same thoughts come school holiday time.. why stop the work at all?  LOL.  Our poor children.  Or, what is probably more accurate… our blessed children.  We are currently planning a 2wk trip to Ularu.  We’ll be doing it during ‘normal’ school time, but because of the flexibility we enjoy, we’ll be able to head out on that trip with no schoolbooks.  I love it !!

Another benefit that has become very obvious heading into school hols is that my two older children who are slightly behind in a couple of subjects are free to use these 2wks to work on those subjects at their leisure and do some ‘catching up’.  An amazing benefit.  They don’t mind it, as it’s only 2 workbooks per day instead of the normal 6… plus they do it prior to the rest of the house getting up in the morning, so it never even effects the day.  :0)

More & more, God is showing me confirmation after confirmation that I have made the best decision, following his calling and will for our family !!

Blessings peeps !!!