I watched such a fantastic interview this morning and wanted to share it with you as it was jam packed with great advice, suggestions & Godly parenting tips.

I loved the ‘Send up a flare prayer’ comment !!  I really liked the reminded about whispering to our children as opposed to raising our voices… SUCH a valuable tool, but one easily forgotten in the heat of the moment….  with a wilful 9yr old, a stubborn nearly 12yr old, or a hormonal nearly 13yr old.

So today…. in the spirit of pacing ourselves.. we are working on ‘First Time obedience’. We have tackled this one a lot, so my children are very familiar with it.  However, there are times where it has been ‘put by the wayside’.  I know a lot of people, and I have too, used the ‘count to 3’ method… but I’m not a fan of it.  Kids are smart….. so much smarter than we often give them credit for.. and they can learn that when you hear Mum/Dad say it… You obey it !!!  Now, don’t get me wrong… this doesn’t mean that my children to get chances… they do…  but when I believe they are of an age, and have had adequate time to learn this concept, I expect them to adhere to it.  Chances are only needed during the learning process.

I’ll keep you posted peeps !!!

Blessings  xox