So, I find myself thinking on this this morning…  a rather silly statement I know, as blogs have no rules or requirements.  However, I find myself reading so many other blog sites and thinking “I wish I was a better blogger.”

On top of that, there are so many times that I think to blog something, that is of some importance etc, but I don’t as it would only amount to a small paragraph.   In these instances, I should really write them down… or put it in a note on my phone… and when I have a collaboration of several of these ‘mini-gems’…. blog said assorted gems.  Something for me to work on in future.  Watch this space for Fi’s mini-gems.  LOL

We have had a cousin staying for the last few days and I find it an added pressure to excel as a parent during these times of having a guest stay.  And, at the end of it, I always come out feeling like a failure as a parent.  I seriously never feel that my children have behaved well when we have a guest stay.  :0(  I do always pull myself back to the expectations I put on them… Are they too high?  Am I not taking into account their excitement of having favourite said cousin stay at our house?  However, I always conclude with the following …  Their excitement is maybe understandable for the first day… but by the third….  it’s just beyond a joke really.

Master 9 could not ask more questions if he tried… and Master nearly 12 & Miss nearly 13 seem to have zero self control when it comes to not responding to each other.  Seriously, if my children would simply not respond to something annoying/frustrating/stirring/untrue/ridiculous said by another sibling, our lives would be soooooooo  much more enjoyable.

So, in conclusion, I need to go back to The Lord and once again, ask Him to re-parent me (as I do each evening in prayer).  I so WANT to parent as He would have me do, but so often I find myself slipping into annoyance and frustration with my children.  :0(

I’m praying the end of this day is far more improved than the beginning.

Blessings !!