My quiet times this week have been so helpful to me. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I tend to go through ebbs & flows when it comes to quality daily quiet time with God .
My prayer, or rather my two conversations, with my Heavenly Father are usually constant.. Like an open phone line never put down.. But when it comes to really good quality, put everything else aside, kinda time… I can fluctuate. 😦
At the moment, I’m finding I’m on fire with my quiet time, journaling and bible study.. But, as I said, I’m so used to this pattern of having these things slowly fall away for a time.. I find myself so strongly wanting to find ways to avoid this happening.
It’s actually quite a conundrum seeing as I love, and I mean LOVE, these times.. Getting into the word bigtime, fantastic praise & worship + quiet time in the evenings, daily devotionals etc. it always confuses me how I let these times slip away. I enjoy it so much… How on earth do I allow myself to fall out of these fantastic habits?
So… I’m here.. Blogging about it … Making myself accountable to you all !! I’m going to do my level best to STAY ON THE PATH SET BEFORE ME !!!
Blessings peeps !!!