I saw a post of PB just now that read “For crying out loud !! Give me strength !!”

That basically covers my day….  not for any reasons related to the kids, but because of having to spend hours.. and yes, I mean hours, on hold with Telstra !!  (Australia’s main telecom, for those OS).

I work on a Mac (Yes, I can hear cheering.. LOL), so I haven’t had any dealings with virus and the like since my DH bought me my Mac over two years ago.  They really are fantastic machines in that way.  However, I seem to have picked up something nasty through an email, and even though my Mac has stopped it going any further into my computer, it still caused enough problems within my email program, to require the hours on the phone with Telstra.  (Insert incredibly sad face here.)

Seeing as my Dear Husband has been a Telstra employee for over 27yrs, I’m caught between a rock & a hard place with these people.  We do receive very generous discounts while having our services with them… but man, days like today make me want to go to one of the competitors.

OK…  Rant over….  now onto the good stuff !!!

We have headed into Term 2 today very well on track…  if not slightly ahead of the game for the year.  This is a fantastic position to be in as we have a few trips in the next couple of months that will make schooling unsettled at those times.

We are heading off to explore Cania Gorge in a couple of weeks.  Terry has wanted to do it for a while now after a work colleague raved about it.  After researching the area, I am now quite looking forward to the trip.  Also, we bought a 4WD on the weekend which we are picking up t’row.  We bought it mainly for this trip as there are lots of great 4WD opportunities in the area.

Here’s a link if you interested in checking it out.


I’m also pretty excited about the new car as it has 8 seats, so we can go back to being able to fit friends and cousins in the car when needed.

OK.. back to the schooling info for the day….  Jordan did his maths test today.  While it is a very tedious time for him, the results were fantastic.  He struggles to grasp concepts, so I am trying to find as many VISUAL ways for him to wrap his mind around things maths related.  I’ve drawn a fair few pizzas and cakes of late while working through decimals & fractions.  :0)

Another part of our school day was a trip to the dentist for James.  He has an overcrowding issue going on, so we’ve been referred to an Orthodontist to discuss a solution.  Jaz has another check up scheduled in a few weeks for having her braces put on, so we’ve managed to get in at that same time slot.  He needs X-rays prior to that appointment, so they’ll be interesting to see as his teeth really are all over the place.

On another topic, we started a new family devotion after dinner tonight which was good.  It was actually a YouTube clip along with some bible passages to read, so that was entertaining for the kids.  I’m really looking forward to sticking to this practice after dinner each night.  The kids always enjoy those family times.  We used to do ‘couch time’  (From Growing Kids God’s Way) when the kids were younger and the kids still talk about it, and want to continue it.  However, as couch time is more about Mum & Dad time then family time, we really feel that, while couch time was hugely beneficial when the kids were younger, it’s more the conversing as a family that they require now.

On yet another point…  Yesturday when we were out driving, looking at a possible next investment property decision, Terry mentioned ‘When it’s just the two of us in our retirement.” (referring to when we’ll live in a much smaller property, without children at home.)  It got me thinking of what it’ll be like then… when the kids have flown the coup.  Of course, it made me a little sad, but I don’t tend to dwell on it usually as it is so far down the track. (However, I’m sure it will go in the blink of an eye :0(… )  It suddenly got me wondering yesturday whether by deciding to Homeschool my children, I’ve actually set myself up for an even harder time ?? I’d love to hear other Homeschooling Mum’s opinion or experiences on this.  I am already so used to having the kids with me at all times.  When they leave the nest, am I going to find it even harder without them ?

I really can’t wait to hear back from some of you on this.

Blessings Peeps !