Father God, at the end of this tough day, please open my spiritual eyes and understanding to see beyond the natural realm.
Lord, please give me discernment and wisdom to understand when the enemy is attacking and when it is something that I have allowed.

Please crumble the spirit of opposition and persecution in many nations where Christians are a small fighting force. Please also shatter the spirit of indifference.

I pray a blessed nights sleep over my little ones. I ask that The Lord of Angel armies commands them to protect us and keep us safe, Lord Jesus set your angels around each and every one of us. Holy Spirit be the only voice that we hear and be the only face that we see as we sleep. Speak words of comfort rest and refreshment over us as we dream dreams of beauty and wonder. Help us to wake happy, refreshed and ready to take on the day. We love you Lord Jesus, and we ask this in your awesome name.