So many emotions going through my head & heart tonight…
– where has the last 13yrs gone ?
– am I doing a good job with my daughter?
– will I survive the teenage years?
– Seriously , how did we create such a gorgeous creature? Lol
– Am I completely ready for her shin-dig party t’row night ? (No).
– will I remember all the jobs I need to do t’row ?
– WHY did soccer season have to start ON Jaz’s bday??

But… The biggest question on my mind tonight is… AM I POINTING MY DAUGHTER TOWARDS CHRIST ???

Well, I know I AM, but the more appropriate question is “Am I doing it WELL enough?” I’m ashamed to say the answer is “No”.
I know The Lord has great things in store for Jaz. She has a great hunger for Him, and seeks His voice each day, which is so fantastic.
It’s so easy to get ‘busy’ and let things slide… My one – on – one time with her, our devotion reading, taking a keen interest in her interests. But, when it comes down to it, there is really no excuse for these things? I can name a few things each day that I could set aside, and devote those times to Jaz.
So, today I’m recommitting to my daughter !!! I’m going to walk beside her through all situations, even the yucky ones (these ones normally involve attitude on her behalf. Lol).

I am often reminded of times when Jaz was a toddler…, she seriously was the sweetest, most adorable thing ever. Thank The Lord though, she still comes to me for hugs and kisses, but now it’s also advice, confirmation on things, seeking instruction and sometimes even correction (proud moments those ones).

Tomorrow, I will celebrate 13yrs, full of blessings as the Mother of a smart, funny, generous, beautiful, sensitive, creative and cheeky young lady… Who, while following the path our Heavenly Father has set before her, can only look forward to wonderful things.

Blessings peeps !! xox