Today was a day of testing !!  Being the last day of the month, we seal off our envelope for the month with attendance record & testing for the month of April.

I was keen to get as much testing done as possible as we did lose 2wks of April due to school holidays.

All 3 kids did amazingly well, with all doing at least 3 exams, and no results falling under 90%. ¬†Jordan in particular has had a fantastic day of realising that his hard work is paying off. ¬†I can tell him until I’m blue in the face that he’s improving, but he needs to see it in the way that is going to most effect him. ¬† :0)

I tried something new this morning and made sure I was up before the kids woke, so that I could have my devotion time in peace. ¬†It was a fantastic time with my God ! I will definitely be doing it in future. ¬†An early night is needed prior though, as I’m not a super fantastic morning person… ¬†I REALLY like my sleep. ¬†LOL. ¬†Thankfully, for my children’s sake, I’m not a grumpy morning person… I just don’t like getting out of bed if I haven’t had enough sleep. ¬†I’m very blessed that my kids have always been very good morning sleepers, even as babies… ¬†always sleeping until 7. ¬†Love it !!!

I have just had a time of reading back over my prayer journal tonight. ¬†I really think it’s a great habit to get into.. reading back over them. ¬†It really shows you how you’ve grown, things you’ve survived, and reminds you of balls possibly dropped. ¬†Sometimes it can be hard when you read over those particular issues that never seem to go away…. but on the other hand, it reminds you that you are brought through each and every panful event on that issue, and more often than not, something has been learnt each time.

It’s just started raining, so I”m going to head to bed, and finish my bible study time there, while listening to the sweet sound of raining falling on the roof. ¬†The weather says we are in for a cold weekend (by Queensland standards anyway), so I’m looking forward to that. ¬†Time to break out the scarves for a spell before heading to Tassie with them in only 5wks time. ¬†They may even be needed next weekend at Cania Gorge. ¬†It seems to get a good few degrees cooler at night up there.

OK.. Nighty night peeps !!

Blessings.  xox