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May 2014

My ‘Moms’ night out’ Review !!

  Last night, while having rested up in the arv so as to be healthy enough to go, I headed out with my Mum, sister & niece to our preferred local cinemas (ha ha... well, it's actually the only place... Continue Reading →

HS Day 87 – Teeth, braces & impression moulds !!

Soooooo...  yesturday was a super fun day spent taking James for a dental X-ray and then appointment at the Orthodontist.  He has a weirdly placed front teeth, so after a dental visit a few weeks back, we were referred to... Continue Reading →

It’s been a bit rough of late :-(

Hi there peeps !!! Im realising how slack I've been on the blogging front on the last couple of weeks. Sorry about that. I've been a bit low to be honest, and I don't particularly like up blog then feeling... Continue Reading →

When Thursday night turns nasty

Poor Miss 13 has broken her left foot tonight after landing on it funny. She is one very disappointed girl after realizing the 6wks in plaster could take her out of Physie for the year. 😦 Our loving God looks... Continue Reading →

HS Day 76 – Throw us in at the deep end why don’t you

Yesturday (Tuesday) was our second day back after our trip to Cania Gorge... Yes, I know I haven't done a proper blog on that yet... Will get to it later.  🙂 Monday was quite out of sync... with a few... Continue Reading →

Quality time with the Fam-bam !!

We are loving our time away from civilization ! (Except for the fact that I'm blogging right now.. Ha ha.) After our mammoth 7.5hr drive on Thursday, we arrived at our destination ... Cania Gorge Caravan & Tourist Park... Just... Continue Reading →

His commission to us !!

Tonight's devotion content. I loved reading it, so wanted to share with you guys. Blessings peeps xox This is love in the making. The love of God is not created—it is His nature. When we receive the life of Christ... Continue Reading →

Finishing off a cold but fantastic weekend !!

Here I am, snuggled up in bed, snug as a bug in a rug. Lol What a great weekend we've just had. Highlights - * James saved 2 goals at soccer * His soccer game was right next to Maccas,... Continue Reading →

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