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May 2014

My ‘Moms’ night out’ Review !!

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Last night, while having rested up in the arv so as to be healthy enough to go, I headed out with my Mum, sister & niece to our preferred local cinemas (ha ha… well, it’s actually the only place that was showing this fab movie when we booked.) to see the much anticipated movie Moms’ night out.

I would have loved to have had a big group organised, but the limit of movie screenings made it difficult to accommodate everyone.  Since booking however, they have greatly increased the viewing times, so I’m really confident that everyone who wants to see this movie, will have the opportunity to do so.

There was, however, a good friend of ours and her two daughters sitting in the row in front of us, so that helped create a group outing setting.  :0)

I headed into this movie with just the expectations set up by the trailers etc.  A group of Mums, going out for a night out without husbands and kids… things go a little haywire… and they eventually sort it out. LOL.  That was the general storyline I went in expecting to see & is exactly what it was, but so much more was packed in also.  Great story lines within the major storyline, great humour & one liners, top quality acting…. and so much more.

They brought into this movie so many aspects of day to day life as a Mum that I can relate to…..  being a tad OCD with the housecleaning, texts with friends making a tough day more bearable, LOVING it when your husband walks in the door of an afternoon… knowing some of the million questions you’ve been receiving all day can now be fired towards him instead, the thrill of dressing up for a night out kid-free… and guess what…. The main character is a MUMMY-BLOGGER !!!  Yay, just like ME !!  :0)

One of the funniest ones for me, as a homeschooling Mum, was when the main character (played by one of my fav Greys Anatomy actors, Sarah Drew) tells of one of the bumper stickers on her mini-van… it reads “My Homeschooler is smarter than your Honour student.”  Bahahahahahahaha !!!

I also loved how they portrayed the Dad’s…. they did such a fantastic job at it….  they so hit the mark right there.  Yes, Dad’s often do expose our kids to some stuff we wouldn’t, and they can appear to be a bit more casual with safety etc, but when it comes down to the crunch, they pull it together… and step up when needed !!!

Also, bringing a Baptist minister together with a bikie gang, some druggos, a tattoo parlour and a bowling alley (with dancing competition) was HILLARIOUS !!!  Having had both my Grandad & Uncle as Baptist ministers, plus 2 of my cousins currently as Baptist minters, it was really funny to identify with those relating to them.

All in all… I would HIGHLY recommend this movie !!  I will definitely be going again with those who couldn’t come along last night.

I was initially so frustrated that they seemed to be restricting the viewing of this movie, but they since have expanded the opportunities to see it, so that is GREAT !!! God is GOOD !!

The BEST part of this movie is how they pull it together at the end when the main character realises that whatever she is… good, bad, stressed, messy, OCD, dressed up, in daggy pjs, hair a disaster, hair DONE…..  whatever she is….. She is HIS MASTERPIECE !!!!!!

BAM right there baby !!  BAM !!

Blessings Peeps !!!

Lv Fi  xox

HS Day 87 – Teeth, braces & impression moulds !!

Soooooo…  yesturday was a super fun day spent taking James for a dental X-ray and then appointment at the Orthodontist.  He has a weirdly placed front teeth, so after a dental visit a few weeks back, we were referred to an orthodontist.

As Jaz is already well in the throes of braces prep with a lovely Orthodontist locally, we went to him with James also.  I was surprised to learn in the appointment that what James needs is 4 braces on his front teeth.  Apparently the weirdly placed tooth is not actually a concern as he has plenty of baby tooth to still come out, which will create the room needed for this tooth to correct it’s position.  However, he has a slight gap between his two front teeth, as well as his bottom teeth being slightly off centre (Jaz has same issue), so they are putting the braces on to hopefully correct this.  He also has a incorrect jaw positioning which will require surgery if it doesn’t correct itself as his face continues to grow.  These braces will be on for a short period (8-9 months) and then he’ll be left to grow as he grows… and then when he’s 16-17, they’ll re-assess.

Jaz’s next appointment wasn’t until June 25, but seeing as we were there and he had the time, he very kindly slotted her in and got her braces ball rolling. She had pictures taken (as did James), and a mould impression done.

The grand price total is a little daunting, but hey, what can ya do!

I’m so happy with the service they provide at this Orthodontist.  Very helpful and accomodating to my millions of questions etc.   Plus they even waived James’ consultation fee yesturday as they already have a sibling as a client.  Then, on top of that, they said we are welcome to bring Jordan in for a free consultation also.

It’s fair to note though that they charged me $60 to take 8 pictures… Seriously, that’s a bit over the top.  LOL.  I literally watched him take them, plug his camera into his laptop.. and BAM, there they were….  $60 worth of work??  I think not.   Same thing though.. what can ya do.

Unfortunately for Jaz though, she needs 4 teeth pulled prior to the braces going on in 3wks.  So, she has 2 appointments (they do a side per visit, so she can still chew on the opposite side during healing). She’s not keen on the tooth extraction exercise though… but who can blame her.  I detest going to the dentist.  Thankfully, I have good teeth though.

As, with all this excitement, our school day was rather unsettled…  we are thoroughly enjoying our relatively uninterrupted school day today !!

We are trying to get into a ‘Pace per fortnight’ program, so this week and next is a little different, but thankfully by the end of next week, we’ll have corrected all to run smoothly from that following week onwards.

Blessings peeps.

Lv Fi xox

It’s been a bit rough of late :-(

Hi there peeps !!!
Im realising how slack I’ve been on the blogging front on the last couple of weeks. Sorry about that. I’ve been a bit low to be honest, and I don’t particularly like up blog then feeling like this.
I’m working and growing through some struggles …. dealing with impatience on my part … To do with my DH !!
I so want him to be walking with The Lord, but at present he isn’t … And at times the sadness I feel over this is just overwhelming.
I know what it is I need to be doing… I know I need to be praying prophetically over him, and always seeking to see Terry as his Heavenly Father sees him, not as he is seen humanly, but man it’s hard at times.
It’s a hard one to deal with when the person you most want to speak to about a particular issue is so not on the sane page as you.
I have, however, had a dear friendship restored in this past few weeks, as well as put the wheels in motion to seek out a strong, Godly Mentor for myself.
I am so grateful for the wonderful friendships I do have. I certainly know that I am blessed beyond measure by the women who are my circle . I can send up a flare-prayer when needed, and I know there are several beautiful friends praying alongside me at those times.
I also had a home visit with our unit coordinator today… our first one in fact. To receive the words of affirmation that I am doing a good job homeschooling my children is a blessings I really needed today . I am struggling with a very bad sinus infection at present, so Fi is a little sad on the physical front also.
See… This is why I don’t really like blogging when a little down…. So darn depressing.. Sorry peeps.
I am so comforted by several scripture verses, as well as other quotes & material etc, that help me often… Especially in those times when Terry is under attack…

“Afflicted city, storm-battered, unpitied: I’m about to rebuild you with stones of turquoise, Lay your foundations with sapphires, construct your towers with rubies, Your gates with jewels, and all your walls with precious stones. All your children will have God for their teacher— what a mentor for your children! You’ll be built solid, grounded in righteousness, far from any trouble—nothing to fear! far from terror—it won’t even come close! If anyone attacks you, don’t for a moment suppose that I sent them, And if any should attack, nothing will come of it. I create the blacksmith who fires up his forge and makes a weapon designed to kill. I also create the destroyer— but no weapon that can hurt you has ever been forged. Any accuser who takes you to court will be dismissed as a liar. This is what God’s servants can expect. I’ll see to it that everything works out for the best.” God’s Decree. (Isaiah 54:11-17 MSG)

It’s when I read passages like this that I am reminded that God totally has it covered !!! Even when the reality is so hard to live with… Gods plan is still in place… He is still ever present… He is still right there beside us.

Grace is favour. Grace is power.
Grace is previous ! (Planned)
Walk in the sufficiency of God’s grace !!
His power is perfected in our weakness. (Can’t remember where I ever found this quite… Possibly Beth Moore or Lisa Bevere?)

And this one…

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. (1 Corinthians 15:57, 58 NKJV)

So much goodness in The Word !!! It is constantly made obvious to me that I have not even scratched the service of this goodness !!!! So much more to soak in as yet !!! Can’t wait !!
Oh, and ps.. Exciting news.. I bought a giant print bible this week !! I’ve so been wanting to. As much as I love having the You version bible app on my phone.. Being able to jump from one translation to another is fantastic… But I’ve really missed having the tangible bible in my hands… Flipping through the pages… Seeing my highlighted verses etc etc.

Ok peeps… I feel I’ve brightened up a bit just sharing with you guys, so thanks for that.
Love you all.
Blessing peeps !!!

When Thursday night turns nasty

Poor Miss 13 has broken her left foot tonight after landing on it funny.
She is one very disappointed girl after realizing the 6wks in plaster could take her out of Physie for the year. 😦
Our loving God looks after is in ALL situations though, so we need to find out what He’s teaching us through this latest one.
To use a great line from the movie Facing the Giants…
“In the good times, we’ll praise Him… And in the bad times, we’ll praise Him too.”
Blessings peeps !!

HS Day 76 – Throw us in at the deep end why don’t you

Yesturday (Tuesday) was our second day back after our trip to Cania Gorge… Yes, I know I haven’t done a proper blog on that yet… Will get to it later.  🙂

Monday was quite out of sync… with a few visitors, deliveries and errants needing to be done.  So, yest was our first structured and uninterrupted day… and Thank The Lord it was, because I couldn’t believe how much testing was needed in the day.  I must have spent so much time the previous week focusing on what needed to be completed before going away, that I didn’t notice the testing right around the corner .  I think we did a total of 8 tests across the 3 kidlets yesturday.  All with great results, so that’s encouraging !

My little blessings are still slightly fixated on school time…. with regular comments like “How long has school been going for?” and “How long until school finishes?”  Wanting to compare how much spare time they have compared to the kids back at school, or in the event they have had a long day….  how long the others have already been out.

I must say it is better than when we started, so I guess that is positive and most likely means that eventually they’ll stop it all together (I hope).

For the first time yesturday, I realised I had dropped the ball on something that I used to accomplish during my ‘free’ school hours when the kids were at school.  I felt terrible about it, but then reminded myself that it was the first time (I only do this particular job 3 times per year.)  At least I’m now aware of it and need to reorganise my time when these jobs need doing…. possibly get the kids involved in helping me with this task.

Looking forward to getting back into my current Bible Study also.  Will keep you posted on how it’s going as it’s VERY interesting.  Here’s a little snippet about it…

A song for those journeying to worship.

The Songs for the Journey to Worship (Psalms 120–134) celebrate the journey to Jerusalem to worship in God’s temple. Centuries before these psalms were composed, the Lord chose to make His earthly home on Mount Zion in Jerusalem and directed David’s son to build His house. King Solomon built the first temple and dedicated it to God in an elaborate ceremony that brought Israel together on the holy mountain (1 Kings 8). Now, clearly, the wise king believed that the one True God was present everywhere in the world, but he knew that Jerusalem was a special place, a sacred space picked by God. Solomon understood what we seem to have forgotten: those created in God’s image long to encounter God in His holiness. And if we try to make every place holy, then no place is holy because holy means “set apart,” “distinct,” “special.” So we need sacredness in our lives: sacred times, places, and people in our search for wholeness, for shalom. For centuries God’s faithful people of the first and second covenants have gone on pilgrimages to the Holy Land and Jerusalem. Often these songs have gone with them, for they desire to draw close to God and to walk in the steps of those who have passed the faith along.

Blessings peeps !!  xox



Quality time with the Fam-bam !!

We are loving our time away from civilization ! (Except for the fact that I’m blogging right now.. Ha ha.)
After our mammoth 7.5hr drive on Thursday, we arrived at our destination … Cania Gorge Caravan & Tourist Park… Just in time to see a gorgeous sunset.

So much fun has been had so far


Now. This morning, we are heading off on yet another bush walk exploring the gorge. Jordan may demonstrate more tree climbing ability today. Lol

Ok peeps.. Much more detailed blog to follow

Blessings !!


His commission to us !!

Tonight’s devotion content. I loved reading it, so wanted to share with you guys.
Blessings peeps xox

This is love in the making. The love of God is not created—it is His nature. When we receive the life of Christ through the Holy Spirit, He unites us with God so that His love is demonstrated in us. The goal of the indwelling Holy Spirit is not just to unite us with God, but to do it in such a way that we will be one with the Father in exactly the same way Jesus was. And what kind of oneness did Jesus Christ have with the Father? He had such a oneness with the Father that He was obedient when His Father sent Him down here to be poured out for us. And He says to us, “As the Father has sent Me, I also send you” (John 20:21).

Peter now realizes that he does love Him, due to the revelation that came with the Lord’s piercing question. The Lord’s next point is—“Pour yourself out. Don’t testify about how much you love Me and don’t talk about the wonderful revelation you have had, just ‘Feed My sheep.’” Jesus has some extraordinarily peculiar sheep: some that are unkempt and dirty, some that are awkward or pushy, and some that have gone astray! But it is impossible to exhaust God’s love, and it is impossible to exhaust my love if it flows from the Spirit of God within me. The love of God pays no attention to my prejudices caused by my natural individuality. If I love my Lord, I have no business being guided by natural emotions—I have to feed His sheep. We will not be delivered or released from His commission to us. Beware of counterfeiting the love of God by following your own natural human emotions, sympathies, or understandings. That will only serve to revile and abuse the true love of God.

I would, O Lord, have all my thoughts and emotions and words redolent with love, perfect love to You, and through that to others.

Finishing off a cold but fantastic weekend !!

Here I am, snuggled up in bed, snug as a bug in a rug. Lol
What a great weekend we’ve just had.
Highlights –
* James saved 2 goals at soccer
* His soccer game was right next to Maccas, so hot coffee in made the cold morning very bearable .
* Miss 13 managed to sleepover at a friends without getting anxious. (It’s been a struggle for her.)
* Terry & I stole an unexpected dinner out together – kid free !!
* We bought a mini pony – woot woot
* Saw great friends !
* watched movies & slept all afternoon !!!

It’s has been quite the chilly weekend so that has been interesting… Good preparation for Cania Gorge this week though.,

Ok.. Nighty night peeps !!

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