Tonight, my 13yr old daughter & I went to see The Lego Movie together while the boys were at Cadets.
We’ve started a tradition of having girls night on Cadet nights, seeing as Terry & both boys are out of the house for a good 3hrs every second Thursday night.
While the movie was very entertaining, the real joy of the night was spending it with Jaz. I’m reminded a lot of late how she is growing up, maturing and becoming such a lovely young lady.
I am really proud of the relationship we have, and will fight tooth & nail to keep it in the healthy state it’s in.
I am so convinced the homeschooling path was so right for Jaz, as she has done nothing but bloom in this new environment, group of friends, and overall lifestyle change.
I am constantly blown away by the conversations we have. She is so hungry for God to show up bigtime in her life. She wants to hear Him, and sense Him tangibly, in all areas of her life, and is probably a little inpatient for these things to come about.
Hunger is good though.. It will keep her searching !
Meanwhile, I will continue to encourage her on her path with The Lord, answering her questions, suggesting good reading material etc.
She is still so expectant for Colour 2015 !! I really hope that excitement & expectancy continues to grow through the next 10+months. 🙂

Blessings peeps !!