Yesturday (Tuesday) was our second day back after our trip to Cania Gorge… Yes, I know I haven’t done a proper blog on that yet… Will get to it later.  🙂

Monday was quite out of sync… with a few visitors, deliveries and errants needing to be done.  So, yest was our first structured and uninterrupted day… and Thank The Lord it was, because I couldn’t believe how much testing was needed in the day.  I must have spent so much time the previous week focusing on what needed to be completed before going away, that I didn’t notice the testing right around the corner .  I think we did a total of 8 tests across the 3 kidlets yesturday.  All with great results, so that’s encouraging !

My little blessings are still slightly fixated on school time…. with regular comments like “How long has school been going for?” and “How long until school finishes?”  Wanting to compare how much spare time they have compared to the kids back at school, or in the event they have had a long day….  how long the others have already been out.

I must say it is better than when we started, so I guess that is positive and most likely means that eventually they’ll stop it all together (I hope).

For the first time yesturday, I realised I had dropped the ball on something that I used to accomplish during my ‘free’ school hours when the kids were at school.  I felt terrible about it, but then reminded myself that it was the first time (I only do this particular job 3 times per year.)  At least I’m now aware of it and need to reorganise my time when these jobs need doing…. possibly get the kids involved in helping me with this task.

Looking forward to getting back into my current Bible Study also.  Will keep you posted on how it’s going as it’s VERY interesting.  Here’s a little snippet about it…

A song for those journeying to worship.

The Songs for the Journey to Worship (Psalms 120–134) celebrate the journey to Jerusalem to worship in God’s temple. Centuries before these psalms were composed, the Lord chose to make His earthly home on Mount Zion in Jerusalem and directed David’s son to build His house. King Solomon built the first temple and dedicated it to God in an elaborate ceremony that brought Israel together on the holy mountain (1 Kings 8). Now, clearly, the wise king believed that the one True God was present everywhere in the world, but he knew that Jerusalem was a special place, a sacred space picked by God. Solomon understood what we seem to have forgotten: those created in God’s image long to encounter God in His holiness. And if we try to make every place holy, then no place is holy because holy means “set apart,” “distinct,” “special.” So we need sacredness in our lives: sacred times, places, and people in our search for wholeness, for shalom. For centuries God’s faithful people of the first and second covenants have gone on pilgrimages to the Holy Land and Jerusalem. Often these songs have gone with them, for they desire to draw close to God and to walk in the steps of those who have passed the faith along.

Blessings peeps !!  xox