Soooooo…  yesturday was a super fun day spent taking James for a dental X-ray and then appointment at the Orthodontist.  He has a weirdly placed front teeth, so after a dental visit a few weeks back, we were referred to an orthodontist.

As Jaz is already well in the throes of braces prep with a lovely Orthodontist locally, we went to him with James also.  I was surprised to learn in the appointment that what James needs is 4 braces on his front teeth.  Apparently the weirdly placed tooth is not actually a concern as he has plenty of baby tooth to still come out, which will create the room needed for this tooth to correct it’s position.  However, he has a slight gap between his two front teeth, as well as his bottom teeth being slightly off centre (Jaz has same issue), so they are putting the braces on to hopefully correct this.  He also has a incorrect jaw positioning which will require surgery if it doesn’t correct itself as his face continues to grow.  These braces will be on for a short period (8-9 months) and then he’ll be left to grow as he grows… and then when he’s 16-17, they’ll re-assess.

Jaz’s next appointment wasn’t until June 25, but seeing as we were there and he had the time, he very kindly slotted her in and got her braces ball rolling. She had pictures taken (as did James), and a mould impression done.

The grand price total is a little daunting, but hey, what can ya do!

I’m so happy with the service they provide at this Orthodontist.  Very helpful and accomodating to my millions of questions etc.   Plus they even waived James’ consultation fee yesturday as they already have a sibling as a client.  Then, on top of that, they said we are welcome to bring Jordan in for a free consultation also.

It’s fair to note though that they charged me $60 to take 8 pictures… Seriously, that’s a bit over the top.  LOL.  I literally watched him take them, plug his camera into his laptop.. and BAM, there they were….  $60 worth of work??  I think not.   Same thing though.. what can ya do.

Unfortunately for Jaz though, she needs 4 teeth pulled prior to the braces going on in 3wks.  So, she has 2 appointments (they do a side per visit, so she can still chew on the opposite side during healing). She’s not keen on the tooth extraction exercise though… but who can blame her.  I detest going to the dentist.  Thankfully, I have good teeth though.

As, with all this excitement, our school day was rather unsettled…  we are thoroughly enjoying our relatively uninterrupted school day today !!

We are trying to get into a ‘Pace per fortnight’ program, so this week and next is a little different, but thankfully by the end of next week, we’ll have corrected all to run smoothly from that following week onwards.

Blessings peeps.

Lv Fi xox