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Last night, while having rested up in the arv so as to be healthy enough to go, I headed out with my Mum, sister & niece to our preferred local cinemas (ha ha… well, it’s actually the only place that was showing this fab movie when we booked.) to see the much anticipated movie Moms’ night out.

I would have loved to have had a big group organised, but the limit of movie screenings made it difficult to accommodate everyone.  Since booking however, they have greatly increased the viewing times, so I’m really confident that everyone who wants to see this movie, will have the opportunity to do so.

There was, however, a good friend of ours and her two daughters sitting in the row in front of us, so that helped create a group outing setting.  :0)

I headed into this movie with just the expectations set up by the trailers etc.  A group of Mums, going out for a night out without husbands and kids… things go a little haywire… and they eventually sort it out. LOL.  That was the general storyline I went in expecting to see & is exactly what it was, but so much more was packed in also.  Great story lines within the major storyline, great humour & one liners, top quality acting…. and so much more.

They brought into this movie so many aspects of day to day life as a Mum that I can relate to…..  being a tad OCD with the housecleaning, texts with friends making a tough day more bearable, LOVING it when your husband walks in the door of an afternoon… knowing some of the million questions you’ve been receiving all day can now be fired towards him instead, the thrill of dressing up for a night out kid-free… and guess what…. The main character is a MUMMY-BLOGGER !!!  Yay, just like ME !!  :0)

One of the funniest ones for me, as a homeschooling Mum, was when the main character (played by one of my fav Greys Anatomy actors, Sarah Drew) tells of one of the bumper stickers on her mini-van… it reads “My Homeschooler is smarter than your Honour student.”  Bahahahahahahaha !!!

I also loved how they portrayed the Dad’s…. they did such a fantastic job at it….  they so hit the mark right there.  Yes, Dad’s often do expose our kids to some stuff we wouldn’t, and they can appear to be a bit more casual with safety etc, but when it comes down to the crunch, they pull it together… and step up when needed !!!

Also, bringing a Baptist minister together with a bikie gang, some druggos, a tattoo parlour and a bowling alley (with dancing competition) was HILLARIOUS !!!  Having had both my Grandad & Uncle as Baptist ministers, plus 2 of my cousins currently as Baptist minters, it was really funny to identify with those relating to them.

All in all… I would HIGHLY recommend this movie !!  I will definitely be going again with those who couldn’t come along last night.

I was initially so frustrated that they seemed to be restricting the viewing of this movie, but they since have expanded the opportunities to see it, so that is GREAT !!! God is GOOD !!

The BEST part of this movie is how they pull it together at the end when the main character realises that whatever she is… good, bad, stressed, messy, OCD, dressed up, in daggy pjs, hair a disaster, hair DONE…..  whatever she is….. She is HIS MASTERPIECE !!!!!!

BAM right there baby !!  BAM !!

Blessings Peeps !!!

Lv Fi  xox