So, here we are…. first day of the SCHOOL HOLIDAYS !!  The kids are excited, but to be honest, I still think holidays are a waste of time… well unless you’re actually going away on holidays.  It just seems silly being here at home with not much to do.

I’m sure it would be different if I could drive… I imagine we’d fill most days with trips here and there.  As it is, I need to really work in with my Mum as far as what she’s doing and getting lifts places etc.

As I sit back and take stock of my first half year as a homeschooling Mum…  these are my brief observations –

* It is hard to buy good quality pencils (Yes, I put the most important one first.. LOL)

* There are nowhere near as many hard days as I thought there were going to be in the beginning.

* I’m still not sick of being around my children.. LOL

* I learn a LOT when being right there in the thick of things with my children’s education.

* It really is a privilege to be in control of my children’s education.

* Finding date time with my Husband is harder. :0(

* I LOVE that God’s word is so much a part of my children’s school day.

* Children (my children at least) will feed off my attitude and mood, so make it good.  :0)

So much more has been learnt these 6 months, or really 10 months really, since beginning this journey.  So much more to learn.  Good thing I”ve got another 8.5yrs to learn all I need.  LOL

Blessings Peeps.