Wow…  2 posts in one day… I’m on fire !!  LOL

Anyways….  I have just gotten back from my first walk (with my beautiful daughter), which I am believing is the first day of getting back on track with my fitness !!

You guys may not know, but 2yrs ago.. right around this time.. I decided to get fit & healthy.  I was convicted in the area of knowing that, while I was housing the Holy Spirit, I wasn’t taking care of the temple.   I weighed 71.8kg (I’m 165cm tall, to give you some perspective), and I wanted to get down to 60kg, which is a nice weight for my height.  I was beyond proud of myself that I stuck with the program and got down to 62kgs by Christmas.  I maintained this weight for about 6months and have very sadly let it creep back on… and finally I have decided enough is enough !!!   I am disappointed in myself for sure, but I know that God blessed me with the ability, patience and determination last time… and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt He will this time.

I am really encouraged by the fact that I know I have achieved this before, so I know I can do it again.  It did take a LOT of hard work though, so I know I have that ahead of me, but it is totally worth it as I have realised over this last 18months how much better my body works when lighter.  I didn’t get any of the sore feet or back that I get now.  I didn’t get sick basically at all..  My food intake was so much better too which would account for me body functioning better.


Another thing that greatly helped me was having scales to get on once a week… I’ve never wanted to ‘live by the number’, but I must say it really helped me to see that number going down each week.  And, as silly as it seems…  one of the reasons that I let it creep back on is because the batteries died in my scales and I haven’t gotten new ones… stop laughing.. it’s true.

So, here goes !!!  PERMANENT lifestyle change !!  Feel free to keep me accountable peeps !!!

Blessings !!  xox