Hiya all…  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve blogged…  slap slap.  Will aim to improve and get back into the swing of things.

We have just returned from a couple of days at Toowoomba.  For those of you not in Australia, Toowoomba is a ‘country’ town 2hr west of Brisbane… but not ‘country’ in the real sense of the word seeing as while we were there we went to the movies, had breakfast at coffee club, the kids ate lunch at McDonalds, I bought jeans at Jay Jay’s, and shoes at Williams… etc etc.

We stayed at the swankiest place in Toowoomba…  don’t really know why actually, but it was very nice.  We were on the 9th floor, which is basically the highest position in Toowoomba.  Unfortunately though, the rooves of the buildings in the CBD are all very boring, so the view wasn’t that fabulous.  Night time was lovely though.  It was a great position being right in the middle of the city as we could walk to absolutely everything we did.

We were there because Terry had to do some night work at the Toowoomba exchange, and he could have even walked to work, but the gear required etc prevented him from being able to do that.

The Hotel had a heated pool … and a HOT spa… It was sooooo lovely. The kids braved the pool, but Terry & I were only game enough for the nice hot spa.  I would so love to have one at home…. on cold winter nights.


Anyway…  such trivial info…  We enjoyed our walking around the city etc as we got to see the budding (excuse the pun) beginnings of the plans for Carnival of Flowers which is in a couple of months.  It’s amazing to think such tiny beginnings will result in the gorgeous overflowing gardens that are on show in September.

Here’s a sample of what they look like by September….



We’ve come home to find a possible burn off going on somewhere nearby, as it is raining ash everywhere.  Not a great occurrence when standing outside wearing a white shirt… whoops.

We are finally getting into our schoolwork for the day just now…  doesn’t bode well for an early finish time.

Our character trait journey is still going well, although we are still focusing on the first two I told you about due to lots going on of late…  I don’t want to just breeze over any, so if I think it’s going to need more time, I’m going to give it.

I listened to two fantastic sermons while away… both by Rich Wilkerson Jnr.  While he’s quite young and not always super serious throughout his sermons, the message within it is thought provoking to say the least.  I actually got onto this particular speaker because his wife, Dawnchere, is a speaker at next years Colour conference.  She is actually the main reason I purchased tickets for myself and Tyler-Jasmine to go.  Apparently she is a great speaker with teenage girls.  I wanted to share some links with you of the sermons I listened to but I seem to be having technical difficulties, so I would really encourage you to YouTube search both of them.

Another exciting event in the lives of us Kingsleys…  we hosted my sister’s 40th b’day party on Saturday night.  It was loads of fun.  Here’s a great pic of the party atmosphere we created.



Ok peeps…   that’s about all for now.  Hope to be blogging with you all again soon.