As I have been having some issues with certain children.. I won’t name & shame.. yet….  rushing through their work in order to finish and play.  This rushing normally involves (especially in his maths paces) random, incorrect answers being entered.

Seriously, does he think I don’t check these things?  Anyway… to deal with this issue,  my husband & I have decided that for a period, until this is resolved, we are going to stick to the ‘normal’ school hours.  This means that playtime cannot begin until 3PM.  Of course there will still be play break times though twice throughout the day.  My thoughts  on the matter are that if the child in question knows that playtime isn’t until 3PM, maybe,  just maybe, he may put more effort into his work.. knowing he needs to fill a fair amount of time.

Don’t worry… there are loads more things they can fill the time with, even if they do finish by lunchtime, which is quite common.  They have their LOTE subject to do, as well as Mathletics, story writing, memory verses, spelling words etc etc etc.

So, here’s hoping things will improve from today.

Blessings peeps !