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August 2014

HS Day 140 & 141 – Ag Science, egg making machines, swans & milkshakes !!

Yes... I do like to make my titles interesting.. LOL. Over the last several weeks, I've really felt lead to go to a more natural, and therefore healthier diet within our family. We don't actually eat that bad in the... Continue Reading →

Ready… or still preparing to be ready… or both ??

Cryptic much hey ?? LOL. I had a great conversation with our Pastor yesturday.. well, actually, every conversation with David is more like a lesson..... one where you are sitting in the very front row, leaning forward to get every... Continue Reading →

The week that was the battle between Self Control & Self Indulgence…

Hi all.. Well, let's just say that the Self Control CT week was tough to say the least. Master 9 particularly struggles in this area, and he was up on full volume this past week. Man am I tired. Also,... Continue Reading →

Monday morning !! Time for a new CT week !!

So, today begins a new school week... and a new Character Trait to focus on for the week ahead. Self Control vs. Self Indulgence Instant obedience to the initial promptings of God's Spirit. Galations 5:24-25 And those who belong to... Continue Reading →

HS Day 127 – Trying to be more active in our school day

Sooooo.... (& yes, I do realise that the image is incorrect.... I have two sons and a daughter, not the other way around. LOL)...  I am determined to bring more physical activity into our school day, simply because all of... Continue Reading →

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