Sooooo…. (& yes, I do realise that the image is incorrect…. I have two sons and a daughter, not the other way around. LOL)…  I am determined to bring more physical activity into our school day, simply because all of my children are staying awake until so late at night, which results in sleep-ins needed in the morning.. not ridiculous ones.. but maybe 8am.

So today marks the first day of adding a walk into a school curriculum day… LOL.  We’ll learn about heart rate, calories burnt, respecting the temple that houses the Holy Spirit, and all sorts of other healthy info.

The only downside to this is that we only have certain walks we can do in our area, so it may get boring… we may need to get creative and get a train somewhere in order to do a walk…. like going to the City and walking over to Southbank.  Only thing is that doing that almost turns out to be a way TOO tiring day. LOL.  Not so much for the walk itself… it’s always lovely, walking over the bridge etc, but the time sitting on the train seems to be tiring.

We may need to look at investigating other areas that maybe aren’t quite so far away.  No doubt I will keep you in the loop with our adventures.

Blessings Peeps !!