Hi all..
Well, let’s just say that the Self Control CT week was tough to say the least. Master 9 particularly struggles in this area, and he was up on full volume this past week. Man am I tired. Also, throw in a couple of really emotionally draining days for other reasons, and you’ve got an emotionally weary Mumma.
We should have gone onto another CT on Monday, but I’m in two minds as to whether I should do that, or hold off a bit… I struggle between the mindset of “Have we nailed this one down” or “OK, we’ve tackled that one for a bit.. now let’s move on, and we’ll come back to this one at another time.”. I think the second option is better… as I think there may be some butting heads against brick walls so to speak if we continue on this one.
Dear Hubby is away with work this week and will be back on Friday. I miss him a lot. It’s a weird situation though as whenever he is away, in lots of ways, the house runs smoother. I have spoken to lots of other Mums, whos husbands also travel for work, and they say the same thing. There’s something to be said for an uninterupted routine. Having said that… I’ll be very glad to have him back on Friday.
OK peeps.. short & sweet blog entry today. I hope you are all doing great.
Lv Fi xox