Open Book

Cryptic much hey ?? LOL. I had a great conversation with our Pastor yesturday.. well, actually, every conversation with David is more like a lesson….. one where you are sitting in the very front row, leaning forward to get every little morsel you can in the short amount of time.

We are going through this End Times teaching… which I’m rushing ahead past what we are doing on the set nights, as I’m so impatient & hungry for all that I can take in. Plus, what I know of myself is that I take info in, but process it over a period of time, so my theory is that if I take it all in, maybe I’ll process it and have it all sorted in my head around the time everyone else does. Crazy theory ?? Maybe. LOL.

I’ve been set the task of studying Matthew 24 and then making a timeline, while comparing with the accounts in Mark & Luke… so here goes…

Matthew 24… I won’t put it in here… as it’s pretty long.. I read from the Amplified, as I usually do when wanting to get the most understanding I can from a particular section etc.

vs. 6 – ‘wars and rumours of wars’.. Are we experiencing this right now? I think it’s certainly plausible. I can, however, also see that it could be speaking of times past when this has been the case in our history.

‘See that you are not troubled’.. Now, that is seemingly difficult, but when I focus on the goal at then end of the race, it is beyond doable. Reminds me of my 9yr olds memory verses in one of his workbooks this week.. Proverbs 3:25-26 – Be not afraid of sudden fear… for the LORD shall be thy confidence. (Yes, their memory verses are all in KJV… tough much. LOL)

vs. 7 – ‘Nation against nation etc, famines & earthquakes’. Same thing here.. Could describe current and recent events, while also possibly referring to events further back in our history.

vs. 8 – ‘All this is the beginning (the early pains)…’ This vs tells me that these events, whether current or past, or just the beginning of a much longer, more painful process.

vs. 9-12 – For me, these verses speak to the urgency required in sewing seeds and saving the lost. I know we should feel that urgency all the time, but it is easy to get wrapped up in schooling the kiddos (which, hello, IS sewing seeds. LOL), being a good wife (Oh wait, THAT’S sewing seeds too.) and having great fellowship with friends etc…. oh wait… THAT IS SEWING SEEDS TOO. LOL. I think I’ve answered my own ‘question’, that wasn’t really a question.

vs 13 – LOVE IT !!!

vs 15 – When the antichrist will stand up and declare himself to be all that !!

Vs. 16-21.. I believe this speaks to being watchful/alert and in constant communication with The Holy Spirit. Being able to hear his voice and respond to His promptings without delay or question.

Vs. 22 was very interesting as I had to pause on the ‘shortened time’ reference. My own Bible Commentary said the following… This cannot mean the Great tribulation, so often specified as lasting 3 and a half year, will be shortened. It probably means that God will miraculously shorten the daylight hours – during which most fighting and slaughter occur. I hadn’t thought of ‘thinking outside the normal realm of possibilities’, but this translation has encouraged me to.
vs 23-28 – These verses speak to KNOWING The Word…. and being confident in your knowledge and not swaying from that. If you KNOW what the bible prophesies, you will KNOW what do react/not react to.
vs. 29-32 – BAM baby BAM !! What we’ve all been longing for.
vs 33-51 – These verses speak to several things, but the biggest ‘take home’ for me here is the need to be alert/awake/watchful and in the word so as to not ‘get drowsy’ or fall asleep altogether.

So, onto Mark 13… While I didn’t find a huge lot of differences here… I was pulled up at vs 11. I have a tendency to not have a huge amount of confidence in my ability to articulate a point, or verbally convey something .. so the knowledge that as long as I”m in constant communication with The Holy Spirit, I can trust that whatever needs to be said will be said, is very comforting.
Also… vs 32 jumped out at me. The reason for this is that since doing this end times study, I have spoken to a lot, and I mean a LOT of people who say that this 3 and half year timeline simply can’t be true, based on this exact scripture. Note it says ‘day and hour’.. not month or year, or some bigger time frame. I do believe that once we recognise the AntiChrist ‘standing in the place he should not be’, that event sets the 3 and half year timeline in motion… that doesn’t mean we will be able to map out EXACTLY 3 and a half years down to the day and hour… but when you think about it.. we’d only be quibbling over possibly a few days… what does it really matter? He’s coming !! and that’s all that matters.

Luke 21 – I was fascinated by the opening verses… being quite different to the Matthew & Mark gospels.. I must say I found Luke the most ‘readable’.
vs 15 was one I found encouraging, for the same reasons in Mark vs 11.
vs 16 was a sore one as I feel to a small degree that I have begun to experience this in the last few years.
vs 18 & 19 were super encouraging also.
Luke’s gospel does however seem to point more towards a lot of these signs having happened in Jesus’ time… but then other references don’t … so I think I’ll be stopping to pause here for some time and study it until I feel I have my head around it confidently and without doubt.

Ok… so I hope you have found this blog utterly fascinating.. LOL. It has been an entire day (although very interrupted) in the making.
Blessings peeps !!